Moschino [tv] H&M and MBFW Tbilisi Weekend

So much happened over that weekend. Tbilisi hosted another fashion week, gathering local and international fashion community in a brand new location – Museum of Fine Arts in the heart of Tbilisi (Nov 1-5). However, I didn’t get the chance to attend all of the shows I had an interest in so, let’s start with the reason why:

As many of you know my fulltime job takes place at H&M Georgia. And this year we hosted designer collaboration in Tbilisi for the first time and Moschino [tv] H&M couldn’t launch without an exclusive VIP event, in organization of which I was majorly involved. The event was fabulous and took place on Saturday evening. The only fashion show that worked it’s way into my pre-event schedule was 15 minutes of Materiel on Friday evening. 

On the Sunday morning after HMOSCHINO event I dressed up and ran to catch upon some shows. While dressing up in the morning I was looking for something cosy, in neutral fall colors but wanted to have a flawy, feminine silhouette. And let me tell you, this look made me feel “comfortable in my own skin”.

The first one was ANOUKI. Super girly, feminine collection with a lot of pink and sparkle (just as I like). Must-haves from this  collection are definitely shoes and bags! The bags are something else and I have no idea how anyone can not be falling for them.

The afternoon continued with George Keburia, showcasing all the current trends (such as biking shorts, some neon, etc.) with the topping of a chefs hat. It followed by Aleksandre Akhalkacishvili and I ended the day with DALOOD. The next day, back at the office I was catching up with a friend on past weekend I stated that while DALOOD always seems to be keeping up with the internationally established trends, it tends to always create the image of a confident, strong woman, which I love to see over and over again.

Those of you who follow me on Instagram have probably seen all of this in my IG stories. So make sure to keep up and see everything first!

Thanks and wish you a day full of beauty!

Please note, the photos from the shows are not made, or do not belong to me.

Day 4 of Tbilisi Fashion Week


Last week Tbilisi hosted Tbilisi Fashion Week, celebrating young developing creatives of Georgian fashion scene. Unfortunately, I only attended few shows but, from what I saw, Ani Datukishvili‘s collection was the most interesting. As I wasn’t busy on Day 4 of the fashion week, I decided to try out one of my favorite trends which I first saw at the Celine SS18 show. So, I tucked in my blazer and ran off to see Flying Painter..




Later I found this look of mine captured for Tbilisi-Fashion-Week_-14

You will definitely see me wearing my blazers tucked in again, since it looks just as cool as it makes my feel!


Thank you for reading and following. 


Interesting things are coming, so keep an eye for more!






I am wearing:
Blazer: H&M
Bag: Simon Miller
Shoes: Topshop

Weekly Favorites

Last Monday turned out to be perfectly productive for me. Other than finding time to run all the errands and getting small things done, I took a little detour to snap this outfit, starring my new baby bag! This cutest Simon Miller mini nubuck bucket bag has been intriguing me for a while before I got my hands on it. Turns out that this tiny one can fit more than I thought and it makes any casual look so much more upscale.


face copy




Shortly about the rest of the outfit: My shoes are Zara (probably inspired by Celine boots, that’s what they remind me), very into these shapes right now. Sweater is COS (great quality! Similar here). Love the long, chunky sleeves and the texture. White shirt underneath is H&M Studio collection AW17 (with high cutouts on the sides). And tailored pants are from Mango. Little tip: I like to roll up the pants in an uneven, effortless way to make tailored pants look casual and cool.

Hope you enjoyed this #ootd post just as much as I felt about wearing and carrying it!

Thank you for catching up!

Stay tuned for the next blogpost next Wednesday!

Perfectly Mismatching

Let’s talk earrings! If I wear a bracelet it’s minimalistic; the same with necklaces but when it comes to earrings, well, sometimes they are my statement items for the whole look. I believe earrings can draw the right attentions to your face and neckline. When the outfit is right I prefer big earring and today I am very into large, MISMATCHING earrings that have took over all the major fashion shows and stared in street style shots. earrings2

We are not talking about the same earrings of different colors, or, same style symbols like star and moon. We are talking about absolutely different earrings, with different length, or shape and/or even style.

marni sayure
Marni Fashion Show


The left one is by Georgian fashion house Atelier Kikala


sayure ellery
My favorites by Ellery

stella Mccartny

Very cool, very edgy but very chic.

Hope you like this trend as much as I do, especially since it is so easy to match and wear. Mismatching earring can instantly elevate your look so, just keep them in mind (or your bag)! And stay tuned for the new blog next Wednesday!



What’s In My Bag

bag.cov,Nothing can tell more about a girl than her purse. I guess that’s the reason why “what’s in my bag” blogs and vlogs are so attractive to spectators. I have been watching these series for ages and here I am, doing a humble version of mine today.

Let me just start with my bag. This gorgeous purse from the brand o7eleven has been with me for more than a year and wherever I go it always manages to be in the center of attention.
P.S. you will rarely find my phone in my bag because I usually have it in my hands.


2 things you can always find in my bag are my keys and a cardholder. I love my Laduree keychain.. hard not to.. And when we talk cardholders  I will just say that they are the only wallet I use. Many brands are producing cardholders but if you are interested in affordable ones, you can find more like mine at Monki.bag.1

Who leaves home without phone charger? I don’t! And this portable charger is so small and comfortable to through to every bag. bag2

If you dig deeper you will also discover my sunnies. I change them constantly but these Rey Ban ones are my go-to pair for almost a year already. And you never know when Sun protection or certain coverage will be needed!


My hand cream is my new obsession. First of all let’s just take a moment to appreciate the packaging! you will want to be holding it in you hands forever. And trust me, as weather becomes colder I. need. my. hand cream!bag4

For a quick fresh-up during the day I simply apply my Universal Powder,  lip liner (which I use like a lipstick over the whole lip) and add a scent. This Chanel perfume has a perfect size to travel with it on any distance. bag7

And last but not least, a lip balm, paper tissues and pain killers. Nothing should ruin your time, or distract you from what’s important. I especially get distracted my chopped lips, so not having a balm is not an option for me. bag9

So that’s it for this blog. Obviously, the content in my bag changes according to certain occasions but these were the things you can find in my o7eleven most often. bag bolo
Thank you for your time!
See you next Wednesday with the new blog!




Streets in Red

As much as I love following big fashion houses and my favorite designers bringing it to the runways, I also admire stalking street style snaps and I believe I’m not alone! With the number of photographers, trends, effort and INVESTMENT, today Street Style photography looks like an editorial-gone-wild. For any fashion-driven individual out there, it seems as amusing as the actual catwalk. For me, the purpose of digging through these images is first of all inspiration for myself and also endless information about the trends, that I need to stay on top of for my job.


One of the biggest trend I couldn’t help but notice was RED. It just happened so, that some of the favorites of the street style photographers decided to wear head-to-toe red and it worked just perfectly and it makes you wanna try it yourself. I wouldn’t say that red is a new black because red is being RED- bold, attractive and intriguing.


All this trend tells me is to keep it bold!

Takeau X MariElo

You know it is a special project when you can’t wait to share it with the public. I have been thinking about this blogpost for a while now, so let me get right to it!

There’s this girl… with her personal sense of esthetic incorporated in everything she does. Many know Mari Elo as a sophisticated and talented young ballerina performing with the State Ballet of Georgia. However, today I want to share one of the roles she performs in real life. Mari Elo just recently started her own line focusing on handmade knit tops, which she loves to call Cool-Cat-Style tops.

0Z0B1132Last summer Mari decided to spoil herself with the perfectly knitted top for her vacation but after the interest and growing demand from the side of friends, and friends of their friends, and their friends, she decided to make a small collection. The tops are so flattering, comfortable and well-knitted that they quickly became an essential for many summer wardrobes.



I, obviously, have my own Cool-Cat-Style top and I feel special every time I wear it. Therefore, Mari Elo and I decided to collaborate and demonstrate different ways of styling her tops. Working with such an artistic person as Mari and mixing our different visions for the collection is always fun and satisfying.



As for me, I think that every girl needs her own Cool-Cat-Style. In order to find the perfect one for you and get it, simply click here or here. This summer is all about effortless beauty and MariElo’s Cool-Cat-Style tops is what the doctor ordered!

Special thanks to Ika Khargelia for the photography!


Little Tuxedo Dress

black dress2 copyThey say, dressing well is a form of good manners. I totally agree and add that it has nothing to do with following the latest fashion trends and wearing expensive clothes. Dressing well means showing respect towards the event, gathering or certain people that put an effort in organizing the evening.

For some, dressing for special evening can be more intimidating than for others. It’s been decades since the solution of this problem is called “ A Little Black Dress” and nothing has beaten it, yet. Little black dresses are different and the most fun part is finding the perfect one for yourself.

I have been loving the tuxedo dress trend for a while now. I see it as a perfect way of showing your feminine elegance through sharply masculine details. With the flattering V-neck this kind of black dress doesn’t require much of a styling. On the contrary, simple and minimalist accessories bring up the best of the dress.


blackdress4black dressAs simple as that! You can get dressed last minute (as it frequently happens) and not worry about being overdressed or underdressed with perfect fitted tuxedo dress!


Mercedes Benz Fashion Week AW17

When all the IT girls of Tbilisi dress up in the latest trends and gather in MOMA, you know its Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Tbilisi. The craziness started on May 4th and lasted for 5 days, taking over the city. Tones of inspiration for the next (AW17) season from talented designers like Anouki, George Keburia, ELOSHI, Tamuna Ingorokva and others, in combination with some new acquaintances made these days super fun and memorable. In Addition I got featured in the American Vogue’s Street Style section which you can check here for all the best looks from Tbilisi.

This time I decided to put together my Insta Stories and videos instead of the photos. It includes my most favorite shows, so I hope you will enjoy it as much as the images!

You can view the previous season’s MBFW blog here.

Black and Spring Situation

So here is the story (behind this formal outfit):
I bought these heels online on a cold winter day, hoping that one day the sun would warm the air and I would bare my feet with a little velvet coverage. Then they spent months in my closet…
When the big day arrived I was trying on a blouse by Twist X Turn, the brand I discovered in London. I decided that this classy print with cool shape and statement sleeves would work perfectly with those shoes I’ve never worn before! So I called Ika and we went to shoot.
Initially, the outfit had no glasses. But somehow, these pink shades always find their way to make it in this and many other outfits lately because… why not?! I’m obsessed with them!


So here is how it all worked out together. I figured it was worth posting and hope you feel the same way!

Blouse – Twist X Turn (here)
Pink Shades – Urban Outfitters ( Only yellow left here and similar here)
Shoes – Missguided (similar here)
Pants tailored (Similar here and here)