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It was a sunny morning, so I thought why not use the perfect chance to dress in my favorite cycling short. Never the less, I wanted to walk out my dream shoes (since last spring, when Celine showcased them on PFW).
Even though I wore this look to work, I think it is a perfect day-to-night outfit. While heels and blazer make it dressy and professional, this shorts keep it all comfy!


Obviously, I couldn’t help but add some golden details. Works perfectly with the beige accents on shoes. I’ve really been into belts over blazers, recently. I guess this is partly an influence after the last Dior show, where feminine silhouettes and highlighted waistlines were celebrated to the fullest. And talking about PFW- while I absolutely loved shows like, Isabel Marant, YSL, Jacquemus and Chloe, I would say that Celine’s previous collections (and again, my new shoes, which I am so grateful about) looked more appealing to my eye than the collection by Hedi Slimane. I see this as a different esthetic, which is simply not my personal preference.





This was a quick outfit post, which I enjoyed wearing and sharing! Hope this inspired your next long day outfit at any extend.

Bazer: here and more affordable here
Cycling shorts: here and similar here
Boots: similar here and here
Belt: here
Necklace: here

See you next time … 😍

MBFW Tbilisi AW18

As I woke up this morning, I decided to have some “Me Time” and headed to the pool on my own. I spent 4 hours swimming, listening to the music and browsing through Vogue and then it hit me: I completely forgot to share my Vogue and Mercedes Benz Fashion Week updates with you , so here we go!

This season MBFW tried on a new location (Tbilisi Circus), which I wasn’t really fond of. However, many designers managed to create their own atmosphere in that environment.   Two shows that impressed me the most there were  Ingorokva, with her strong, mostly dark, masculine shapes and colorful Dalood, with some rebellious vibes.

Other than that, my two favorites from the total week were Anouki and Djaba Diasamidze. These two had completely different shows. While Anouki made me feel lucky for being in the beautiful small room filled with fashion , Djaba killed it with the biggest and most festive of the shows. His show started with Moet Campaigns and continued with his signature gowns, which made everyone feel like we have been in Djabas beautiful world for a little while and came back full of emotions and inspiration. I guess you can tell that his show definitely was my favorite!



And now a fact about my personal fashion: spontaneous looks which I plan in a hurry turn out to have a better result and I feel more comfortable in them. Two of my looks from this fashion week ended up Vogue (USA and Poland). Screen Shot 2018-05-07 at 1.12.48 PMScreen Shot 2018-05-07 at 1.07.27 PM


A very talented Mary Bichashvili also captured my outfits, while reporting her first street style series (on film) for the Buyers Mag. image1-2



That’s it for now. Thank you for following and supporting.
See you back soon…



IMG_1626They say “third time, a charm” and this time Paris was as charming and breathtaking as when we first met. There are lots of places, cities and countries that I plan to visit, however, this city pops up in my head over and over again. And, since Paris is always a good idea I followed my instinct and went back to the city of all my favorite things.

My birthday-vacation with my Mom was exactly what the doctor ordered. Super refreshing and inspiring. From drinking Moet in front of the Eiffel Tour to dinning with the view of Paris on top of the Pompidou Center, we did all the things cliché. And while I have done all the major sightseeing and touristic-destination-visiting on trip N1 and N2, this time was all about enjoying the city. (For example, if, on the first visit I spent 40 min in a queue at the Louvre to see Mona Lisa, this time we stopped by at 9 pm to have a cup of tea in the restaurant inside the Louvre with the view.)




Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

We got really lucky with the apartment as well. I booked this studio apartment in the center of Paris from AirBnb, so, location and interior obviously was not a surprise. However, we discovered the entire place to be filled with fashion books. All the best ones! Every single great designer, photographer.. you name.. their books were in the room. My goal has always been to have a decent collection of this inspiration sources.. at least half of what our host had! 4362554A-C99B-47C3-A225-C89542CA0ACC

One of the highlights of the trip was Yves Saint Laurent museum. From mannequins dressed in Gorgeous handmade pieces to the room where he did his work, the whole experience was quite impressive!IMG_1179IMG_1167IMG_1165

Walking, exploring and tasting whats new was also part of the trip. Making this blogpost brought the best memories in me and while you will scroll through the rest of the pictures, I will hope to get back to the city of my heart sooner than planned.






Scandinavians Do It Better

cover scandi“A penchant for cool colors, minimalists outerwear, and a very healthy dose of Balenciaga.” This is how W Magazine describes Scandinavian fashion set. Danish, Swedish and Norwegian girl, getting dressed and influencing the entire fashion industry is so pleasing to watch and easy to get obsessed with. It seems like they are not trying hard, nor do they sacrifice their comfort in sake of a trend but at the end they manage to look flawless. Scandinavian It Girls became global It Girl and the powerhouses writing books (my favorite is Dress Scandinavian by Pernille Teisbaek), establishing fashion brands and collaborating with the biggest international designers.

There is something about Scandinavian lifestyle that influences the total esthetic of the region. From visual arts to interior design these countries conquered place on every ” ” must-see list. I am among them!

Scandinavian girls, I follow on Instagram inspire my outfits on daily basis. What I love is that less is more. I love clean, fresh looks; right ways of accessorizing and simple approach to the trends. Whether they are rocking a monochrome looks or mixing prints and colors they maintain to have a signature style, which never seems over-the-top. There are two big weaknesses of mine that Scandinavian fashion girls own: simple, minimalist make-up and bold, beautiful, flattering shoes.

Here are some of the finest of this special breed:






pernille t
pernille te


maria k



Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
Processed with VSCO with p5 preset

If you are not following any of them trust me your feed will only benefit if you will!

Have a beautiful week.

See you next time 🙂

Fashion Week Heroes

Fashion month is already in its second quarter and changed the location from New York to London. Designers, collections, models, celebrities and street style stars are everywhere inspiring us for the next season. It seems fun and exciting even when you are not part of it and you only observe online. But today I’ve decided not to focus on the stars in front of the lens but instead to highlight the work of the real heroes of every FW- the street style photographers.


There is a lot of controversy regarding who, why and how the street style photographers are shooting but these are all subjective topics. Here are some facts:

  • Street style photographers know the industry inside out. They know everything from the latest trends, newest designers’ collections to every single fashion editor, well-known and rising bloggers and influencer.
  • They have a real sense of style. These photographers have an eye to distinguish good style from peacocking and certain photographers are dressed even better than the people they are photographing.
  • Street style photographers have one of the hardest jobs in the industry. They spend the whole fashion month running from venue to venue, eager not to miss a shot. In cold, in rain, in snow they deliver the images that inspire everyone, including high-street brands. This fact alone makes them legit heroes of fashion weeks.

In my opinion street style photographers are the cool people. They work hard but they never seem too serious, always leaving room for some fun, human contact and even dancing. At the end of the day many of them work for such publication as Vogue, Elle, W magazine, Harper’s Bazaar and others. The profession of a street style photographer has changed drastically throughout the last decade and it went from Paparazzi to a legit member of fashion industry. The rise of social media and blogging was extremely handy as well. Photographers gained followers and power to show their opinion and values. Some like Tamu McPherson turned into style influencers of their own.

tamu sss
Tamu Mcpherson


I’ve been lucky enough to be captured by few of my favorite photographers in Tbilisi and London. So enjoy my favorite shots and take a look at their authors!



Me, shot by Moeez during London Fashion Week


by tommy ton2




Tyler Joe in Tbilisi, during TBF


Me, shot by Tyler Joe during Tbilisi Fashion Week

Make sure to see the captures under certain images for more information.

Hope you enjoyed this blogpost. Let me know your opinion!

Don’t forget to check out the blog next week for new post!

Celebrate Good Times

Weekends are the happy endings of long, busy weeks. If blogging has any power to preach I would suggest you gather all your essentials and call your people (if you aren’t already planned). Putting on something sparkling, my new favorite scent, little touch-ups for extra confidence and we are ready to party!
Celebrate good times, come on!

party2party6party5party1party8party7party4Little polaroids are made by my new toy fujifilm instax mini 9.So much fun to use it and a good tip is to just bring it to the party .. everyone will find a way to use it and make unforgettable memories!

Tonight we are celebrating birthday of the author of these pictures… very special person with clearly bright future. Happy Bday N!)

 Enjoy your weekend!


Gudauri Tripping

gudauri 7

I love being busy. I enjoy life being hectic and things happening but sometimes routine takes over, it gets overwhelming and I know that it’s time for a little break. Here weekend getaways come right handy! Therefore, I decided to share with one of my favorite getaway destinations. Winter is not legit without a trip to Gudauri, which is just 2 hours away from Tbilisi and has veriety of skiing mountains. No matter how good your skiing skills are, you will find your element in Gudauri.
There is nothing better than taking rest at one of the restaurants on the mountains, enjoying something hot with the breathtaking view.  Hotel Marco Polo is another place with the view and different ways of relaxation. Even a regular weekend in this paradise brings me harmony, energy and positivity for weeks!



gudauri 4
gudauri 6

Now back in Tbilisi I have energy and clear head to continue moving ahead and develop Takeau.

Thank you for stopping by and see you next Wednesday!


Weekend in Venice

This summer has been one of the busiest for me but while I got to do a lot of work, I also got the chance to experience unforgettable places!
Last weekend I decided to treat myself and use well-deserved weekend for gelato and gondolas! I traveled several hours by bus and even before the arrival I got blown away by the beauty of Italian sea cost and vineyards. As the mood was set I entered one of the most special places I have ever seen! From the moment I stepped out to the city I was speechless. the shock turned into a confusion as I decided to take pictures… I couldn’t figure what to shoot because every corner and every detail in Venice seemed worth photographing.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
Venice gondola


Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
Piazza San Marco



I stayed in a hotel Rialto, which I can certainly recommend for the best location, best view, delicious breakfast and friendliest staff. (If you follow my Instagram you probably know it from my stories).87D4B147-C211-4275-B056-0E84B8ECDAD254E99FA5-72D9-43BE-89FB-1B14F6BD2B7B


The floating city has different psychology of getting from one place to another and (I don’t know how locals feel about it but) for the couple of days I spent it was refreshing and fun. The total trip turned out to be refreshing… and I was lucky enough that my Georgian friends were also there that weekend!629BAD52-AE7B-45A4-A064-C4023E4BBD73 copy

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
Venice Grand canal


Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Processed with VSCO with p5 preset



Before I left for Venice I was told that a day or two is enough to explore this city but by the end of the trip I felt like I could keep exploring and there’s much more to see here. So I didn’t say goodbye… I’m just looking forward for the next time.


Girl Crush- Gilda Ambrosio

Gilda Ambrosio is that cool Italian girl, who knows how to dress.GildaAmbrosio_Takeau2

I found Gilda through Instagram and instantly followed her stylish account. The next day I showed my girlfriend Instagram of a girl, who “has great taste in shoes!” For me, she is a true embodiment of INFLUENCER, as she inspired me with every new post. Several weeks later I heard the girls from Fashion: No Filter discussing her as an Italian streetstyle star… which, she obviously is. It’s all about her personality! She wears classic pieces, such as Chanel pumps, combined with unknown, upcoming brands and her own brand Attico, and pulls it like a pro. But what I like most of all is that she doesn’t do it like many of the bloggers we see. Instead makes it look as extraordinary and confident as no one else!










Paris Fashion Week Fall Winter 2016, Day 5





Barcelona Diaries

The day didn’t start well but by the end of it I was in Barcelona with my favorite girls.

While the taxi driver was trying to demonstrate his Russian language skills I was trying to get the idea of the city through the window. A week later, watching the same route back to the airport I was sure – I’ve had one the best vacations in my life (so far!).

From the moment of planning, back in Tbilisi, I knew – the destination would overcome our expectations. And it did! I can’t imagine a city that would be more Summer-y than Barcelona, full of sun, fun and loud Spanish temperament.

As a metter of fact, it was the first trip that united all of my girls outside of Georgia. We stayed at the perfect apartment in the very center of the city (as always, found on Airbnb). Exploring Barca took us from sandy beaches, to art museums, to interesting restaurants and streets decorated by amazing architecture. How lucky should you be to walk pass by the buildings created by Gaudi!

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
When life is a beach!
Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

If you are planning to visit museums I recommend Museum Pass (30 EUR), which includes 6 major Museums in Barcelona, including Picasso and Museum of Modern Arts. But if you just plan to visit just one, my favorite out of these 6 was Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya. As you can see below, it is worth seeing even from the outside!

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
Couldn’t stop taking pictures!
Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
Photo took by a stranger

Even though we spent most of the time walking in the city center I enjoyed this area a lot. The combination of the vibrant streets and inspiring (windows) atmosphere for fashion lovers instantly killed the tiredness within me. I could walk (and shop) all day!

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset


Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
Walking as much as we could and more!
Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
Sagrada Familia

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset


Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
I know sushi has nothing to do with Spain but wherever is good seafood …

Who knows when, but some day I will be back in Barcelona. I still have a lot to see and taste but for now, I have the memories that keeps my thoughts in the vacation mode!