Kazbegi Getaway

It’s hard to realize how much stress is on your shoulders until it’s gone. I left for a long weekend getaway to Kazbegi mountains (in Georgia), which turned out to be the most calming and stress-free place I have ever been to. Finding peace was not the purpose of the trip but a generous bonus. I left for Tbilisi on the 3rd day being totally in peace with myself; Calm, stress-free and full of positive thought.

Set Tako Free

We stayed at the Rooms Hotel – cozy and comfortable place surrounded with the most breathtaking views (which were covered in snow that weekend). As I am far from being a good photographer I could hardly capture all the beauty and atmosphere, however, I can share a feeling:
On a late evening I found myself alone at the swimming pool. I was in the water looking through the windows, seeing silhouettes of enormous mountains and light of the Gergeti church on the top of one of the hills. Gentle light at the pool, smell of wood and this view felt absolutely surreal. This wasn’t a moment worth capturing for me but it was worth stopping, appreciating and remembering.

Of course, the hotel has some other perk, such as an amazing breakfast including champaign and sweetest staff.. but that’s all just details 🙂

Thanks for catching up. Wish you all the weekends full of fun and relaxation!


IMG_1626They say “third time, a charm” and this time Paris was as charming and breathtaking as when we first met. There are lots of places, cities and countries that I plan to visit, however, this city pops up in my head over and over again. And, since Paris is always a good idea I followed my instinct and went back to the city of all my favorite things.

My birthday-vacation with my Mom was exactly what the doctor ordered. Super refreshing and inspiring. From drinking Moet in front of the Eiffel Tour to dinning with the view of Paris on top of the Pompidou Center, we did all the things cliché. And while I have done all the major sightseeing and touristic-destination-visiting on trip N1 and N2, this time was all about enjoying the city. (For example, if, on the first visit I spent 40 min in a queue at the Louvre to see Mona Lisa, this time we stopped by at 9 pm to have a cup of tea in the restaurant inside the Louvre with the view.)




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We got really lucky with the apartment as well. I booked this studio apartment in the center of Paris from AirBnb, so, location and interior obviously was not a surprise. However, we discovered the entire place to be filled with fashion books. All the best ones! Every single great designer, photographer.. you name.. their books were in the room. My goal has always been to have a decent collection of this inspiration sources.. at least half of what our host had! 4362554A-C99B-47C3-A225-C89542CA0ACC

One of the highlights of the trip was Yves Saint Laurent museum. From mannequins dressed in Gorgeous handmade pieces to the room where he did his work, the whole experience was quite impressive!IMG_1179IMG_1167IMG_1165

Walking, exploring and tasting whats new was also part of the trip. Making this blogpost brought the best memories in me and while you will scroll through the rest of the pictures, I will hope to get back to the city of my heart sooner than planned.






Gudauri Tripping

gudauri 7

I love being busy. I enjoy life being hectic and things happening but sometimes routine takes over, it gets overwhelming and I know that it’s time for a little break. Here weekend getaways come right handy! Therefore, I decided to share with one of my favorite getaway destinations. Winter is not legit without a trip to Gudauri, which is just 2 hours away from Tbilisi and has veriety of skiing mountains. No matter how good your skiing skills are, you will find your element in Gudauri.
There is nothing better than taking rest at one of the restaurants on the mountains, enjoying something hot with the breathtaking view.  Hotel Marco Polo is another place with the view and different ways of relaxation. Even a regular weekend in this paradise brings me harmony, energy and positivity for weeks!



gudauri 4
gudauri 6

Now back in Tbilisi I have energy and clear head to continue moving ahead and develop Takeau.

Thank you for stopping by and see you next Wednesday!


Weekend in Venice

This summer has been one of the busiest for me but while I got to do a lot of work, I also got the chance to experience unforgettable places!
Last weekend I decided to treat myself and use well-deserved weekend for gelato and gondolas! I traveled several hours by bus and even before the arrival I got blown away by the beauty of Italian sea cost and vineyards. As the mood was set I entered one of the most special places I have ever seen! From the moment I stepped out to the city I was speechless. the shock turned into a confusion as I decided to take pictures… I couldn’t figure what to shoot because every corner and every detail in Venice seemed worth photographing.

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Venice gondola


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Piazza San Marco



I stayed in a hotel Rialto, which I can certainly recommend for the best location, best view, delicious breakfast and friendliest staff. (If you follow my Instagram you probably know it from my stories).87D4B147-C211-4275-B056-0E84B8ECDAD254E99FA5-72D9-43BE-89FB-1B14F6BD2B7B


The floating city has different psychology of getting from one place to another and (I don’t know how locals feel about it but) for the couple of days I spent it was refreshing and fun. The total trip turned out to be refreshing… and I was lucky enough that my Georgian friends were also there that weekend!629BAD52-AE7B-45A4-A064-C4023E4BBD73 copy

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Venice Grand canal


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Before I left for Venice I was told that a day or two is enough to explore this city but by the end of the trip I felt like I could keep exploring and there’s much more to see here. So I didn’t say goodbye… I’m just looking forward for the next time.


Barcelona Diaries

The day didn’t start well but by the end of it I was in Barcelona with my favorite girls.

While the taxi driver was trying to demonstrate his Russian language skills I was trying to get the idea of the city through the window. A week later, watching the same route back to the airport I was sure – I’ve had one the best vacations in my life (so far!).

From the moment of planning, back in Tbilisi, I knew – the destination would overcome our expectations. And it did! I can’t imagine a city that would be more Summer-y than Barcelona, full of sun, fun and loud Spanish temperament.

As a metter of fact, it was the first trip that united all of my girls outside of Georgia. We stayed at the perfect apartment in the very center of the city (as always, found on Airbnb). Exploring Barca took us from sandy beaches, to art museums, to interesting restaurants and streets decorated by amazing architecture. How lucky should you be to walk pass by the buildings created by Gaudi!

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When life is a beach!

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If you are planning to visit museums I recommend Museum Pass (30 EUR), which includes 6 major Museums in Barcelona, including Picasso and Museum of Modern Arts. But if you just plan to visit just one, my favorite out of these 6 was Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya. As you can see below, it is worth seeing even from the outside!

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Couldn’t stop taking pictures!

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Photo took by a stranger

Even though we spent most of the time walking in the city center I enjoyed this area a lot. The combination of the vibrant streets and inspiring (windows) atmosphere for fashion lovers instantly killed the tiredness within me. I could walk (and shop) all day!

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Walking as much as we could and more!

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Sagrada Familia

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I know sushi has nothing to do with Spain but wherever is good seafood …

Who knows when, but some day I will be back in Barcelona. I still have a lot to see and taste but for now, I have the memories that keeps my thoughts in the vacation mode!

Trip to Amsterdam

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I LOVE traveling. I love seeing new places, exploring new cities. After every single journey I feel like I’m opening new perspectives and as a student in the heart of Europe I regarded traveling as a part of my education. When I am thinking of a new place I usually plan the trip to make most of it: I like to know which museums and sightseeing’s I am visiting and when; I like to know where I will have a dinner or when I will be meeting a friend but I guess that’s also creating my comfort zone in an undiscovered place, BUT when I arrive and get to the exploring, I usually let myself get lost, wonder around and get the real experience of the place.

amsterdam-coverAmsterdam made quite a first impression on me. Even though I arrived late night I immediately fell in love with the city architecture from the Central Station. The more I walked the more I felt comfortable and welcome.

Before my visit I saw Amsterdam as a city of Red Light District and legal marijuana but I was surprised to see the number of small art galleries and big museums all in one. I spent hours in museums staring at my favorite works from Von Gogh to Liechtenstein. But there was a lot more I wanted to see bit I was short of time.

Of course flowers! Tulips are one of the symbols of Holland and no trip to Amsterdam could have been without the flower market!





While I never considered it a fashion capital I got quite surprised with the fashion in the streets of Amsterdam. Center was usually filled with tourists but in small cafes like Bakers & Roasters (which I highly recommend for delicious breakfast)  breakfastand not touristic areas good-looking people were dresses in an effortlessly stylish way. The shopping was even better. Despite of the fact that I didn’t have “proper” time to shop I still managed to run through some high street brands, that are not available in Prague or some other European cities (monki, & Other Stories, Urban Outfitters, weekday and more).

As I figured the Amsterdam is also known for vintage shops. One of the most famous vintage shops is Episode. Honestly, I am not a huge lover of vintage but the range of clothing and the prices (!!!) is highly motivating. If you love vintage than get ready to spent hours digging for treasure with excitement!




Writing this I’m starting feeling very nostalgic. There is so much I have to see around the world yet, but Amsterdam is a city that I want to go back to and explore to the fullest. As I said Amsterdam truly became my new favorite city and I will look forward for seeing it again.

garden-amsterdmFinally, I want to express my special gratitude to my very lovely friend Salome. She has been an exceptional host and another reason that made my memories of Amsterdam so warm and welcoming. Along with everything else, as a dancer with Het National Ballet junior company she also gave me a tour of the opera building, which felt like my childhood dream 🙂 I’m looking forward to visiting Salome and Amsterdam again soon!

Prague Fairytale

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I left home and after flying over 3000 km I arrived to my second home – Prague. It’s been 9 months since my last visit but it felt like I never left. Before coming to Prague for the first time I heard of the surreal beauty of the city, which would amaze by its lovely streets and breathtaking architecture. This time I was letting myself be a tourist, not to hurry and to look up to experience the treasure to the fullest.


To be honest, I had a real love-hate relationship with this city, while I was living here. You know, the kind of one you have with home. Sometimes you want to escape it, leave it, you get tired of it and want to try something new. But on the other hand, it is your comfort zone, it is a place you have explored to the fullest and have great memories on every corner of it. You have your favorite spots and wherever you will go in the future this place will always have a spot in your heart.


This blog is definitely not a tour guide (this time) but if you have been following me on Instagram you would see some of my favorite places with geo-tags. If you are just joining here are some of my Insta-Prague-Dairy photos.


cafe-cafe-pragueFinally, I will be more than happy to answer any of the questions you might have or give an advice on any aspect of Prague!prague-hotel

And last, but not least, I want to thank my dearest friend Ainura, for hosting me this time. She is another treasure I am grateful to have discovered in Prague.