Violette_Fr Launches her Beauty Brand

Hard work eventually earned her a place of a Global Beauty Director at Estee Lauder and following her journey became even more fascinating.

Violette Serrant, best known as Violette_fr is an ultimate French IT girl and my favorite makeup guru. I came across Violette’s page more than 5 years ago, when my new co-worker told me that I remind her of Violette (not to bad, right?) So, I googled her and fell in love!

Since then, Violette has conquered unbelievable heights. Her Youtube channel is all a makeup lover can wish for: she shares effortless and creative makeup looks, has incredible guests (from fashion and beauty industries) sharing their tips and experiences and has an amazing story-telling skills. Hard work eventually earned her a place of a Global Beauty Director at Estee Lauder and following her journey became even more fascinating.

If you don’t know her, I bet at this point you are wondering, how come?!

Just a few days ago Violette started her own brand. She Introduced VIOLETTE_FR (the brand) on her Youtube channel and said that she has been preparing this project for over 10 years. The brand is the embodiment of everything she wanted to have over her 17 years working in the beauty industry.

The most intriguing of the first selection of products is Boum-Boum Milk. According to Violette, she created the product (this milk), that you can apply after cleansing your face and cut-down on the rest of the steps of your skincare routine. Voilette uses this 3-in-1 product for body and hair as well.

Violette_fr, with her background in arts, has a great understanding of color, which is translated in both, the lipstick and the liquid eyeshadow of this brand.

I will try few of her products and share my personal experience as well, so stay tuned!

Women’s Day Gift Guide

While botanical treasure is always a good idea we created a small selection of extra stylish gifts for your beloved ladies

Women’s Day is almost here and flowers are going be a big hit! While botanical treasure is always a good idea we created a small selection of extra stylish gifts for your beloved ladies (and ourselves). Below you will find 5 categories with various options within each.


  1. Timeless Pearls
  2. Cartier Love Bracelet
  3. LIYA Wolfberry Earrings
  4. Bottega Veneta
  5. ASOS DESIGN (the most affordable option)


  1. Bottega Veneta
  2. & Other Stories (the most affordable option)
  3. Valentino
  4. Alaïa
  5. Tom Ford

The Most Affordable Category

  1. Marc Jacobs Coconut Essentials
  2. NARS gift set
  3. LIYA x KASHKASH Timeless Duo
  4. Glossier The Makeup Set2
  5. Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk lip set


  1. Anissa Kermiche Ceramic Vase
  2. Anissa Kermiche Jewelry Box
  3. Yves Saint Laurent Catwalk, coffee-table book
  4. Jo Melone Candle


  1. Stella McCartney
  2. Saint Laurent
  3. The Attico x Linda Farrow
  4. Chloe
  5. Bottega Veneta

Happy Women’s Day!

Feminist or not?

I realized that in order to be taken seriously women are required to tone down their femininity. And ironically enough, this demand is created not only by men.

What comes to your mind when thinking about FEMINISM? Is it someone like Michelle Obama, or a group of Russian activists protesting topless outside the DUMA?

The notion of feminism changed drastically throughout the decades. What started as a movement for gender equality, gained new dimensions in today’s reality, which makes it confusing for women (and men) to follow.

I grew up in a family, which valued opinions of me and my brother equally. Growing up I imagined myself choosing a career of my dreams and working as hard on it as anyone else, pushing my own limits (never had it crossed my mind to compare my abilities and chances of success to any particular gender). Therefore, I graduated my teenage years believing that I am a true feminist.

Few years later I stumbled upon a news program featuring Georgian feminist activists, protesting in the street. The radicalism of the protest, that called women to exclude men from every aspect of their lives, saying no to tradition of family and more got me thinking if this is really what I believe in. What disturbed me was not the fact that I didn’t agree with their views, but that I wasn’t welcome to make a choice on my own. Later on, I realized that in order to be taken seriously women are required to tone down their femininity. And ironically enough, this demand is created not only by men.

A year ago, fashion writer Camille Charriere said on her podcast (“Fashion No Filter”), that feminism in France somehow became a dirty word, associated with women who don’t shave, only wear hiking shoes and scare men off. However, being a strong, independent professional she identifies herself as feminist as well.

So, how is it possible that two (or more) types of females who identify themselves as feminists can’t see feminism in each other?  

And who does this make ME?

  • I work in fashion. Love clothes (as superficial as it may sound) and find joy in dressing up. Does this mean I’m not a feminist?
  • However, when dressing up I don’t dress for man. I get more excited when impressing other women with my style. Does this make me a feminist?
  • And if you see me posing for the Instagram?
  • And if I have deep appreciation for strong men in my life, who encouraged me to become a girl I am today?

Am I a feminist? You decide!

My point is that feminism is all about support. A system that enables women to be free in their decisions. No one enjoys men who impose their standards on women, so why should we do the same? In the world of so many inspiring, motivating women, who prove that the sky is the limit, there is no place for shaming on decisions.

Finally, I want to thank all the women who teach me what GIRL POWER really means. From the ladies in my family, to the ones I only know from social media and show me unexpected support with no agenda, happy International women’s day. Just the way Dior’s 2017 campaign stated WE SHOULD ALL BE FEMINISTS!

5-Product Summer Makeup Look

Dear friends, here we are! Long awaited summer days, with everything light and bright, have finally arrived. While we get some natural advantages, such as Sun-kisses skin, there is also the heat part that might get really uncomfortable sometimes. And just like we adjust our wardrobes, I believe the makeup routine needs to be adjusted as well.

Regardless of the season I usually opt for the makeup that looks natural and depending on the mood focus on lips or a settle eye. However, when the temperature gets high the light-weight-feeling of makeup becomes just as important as the visual. Therefore, I decided to share 5 of my favorite products for this season and a total everyday look I pull off using only these products.

This Estee Lauder CC cream is probably one of my favorite products of ALL seasons. But the reason I recommend it in summer is because of it’s light feeling. I totally replace any foundation with this cream and while it doesn’t have a strong coverage, it evens out the color on the entire face and with the summer tan it is all I really need. This CC cream gives your skin a natural, healthy glow and even tone which last long hours and contains SPF15 to protect your skin. I feel my skin breath and glow at the same time!

When it comes to brows this tiny Givenchy guy is always by my side. I don’t use pencils or shadows to fill in my brows so this one product does it all for me. It is a brush with tinted gel (I use N1 Brunette), which gives brows the shape and fills in the emptiness with tint. This product is waterproof which is great for summer! Easy and effective – is how I would describe it.

I rarely go for a dramatic eye in Summer but if you are this eye pencil is definitely a keeper. I use this perfectly waterproof black pencil on my lush-line. I try to make as this and invisible as possible but the whole purpose is the casually definition of my eye shape and visual thickness of lushes. If you are looking for a good quality pencil this is the one I recommend. It applies very softly, easily, is water proof and comes with YSL customized sharpener, which is always handy!

Then I move on to my lashes. Here I use this Diorshow waterproof mascara. I also use it in black and love it for the volume effect. To me this is a very simple, great quality mascara, which wouldn’t move from lashes and is always handy to have in bag!

And last but not least is this baby! There so many great things to say about this duo stick! Firstly, it comes in 2 colors (see options here) and you can use both colors multiple ways. In this look I only used the red side as a lipstick but you can also use it as a blush and I even used it as a pink “wet” eyeshadow. It’s just a great product to have in bag to quickly change your look and add a little extra detail to your makeup. Never the less, I show say how moisturizing is this stick, like a balm.

As you can see all these products are summer-approved, either for their waterproof features, or lightness and brightness. I chose to focus on these 5 products as they complete the simply makeup look, when you are rushing out for a long day and I don’t need any extra brushes or applicators which makes the process super fast and simple!

Designer to Watch: Mariam Tavberidze

While Mariam sees herself as Haute Couture designer, she gets inspired by such iconic fashion houses as Givenchy, Alexander McQueen and Yves Saint Lauren. She sees the life happening around her and takes all in to express through her profession. I hope life will take her to unexpected, great places and we will all experience her imagination through her work.

8 Must-Watch Fashion Documentaries

Sundays are for relaxation and personal growth. This includes time for reading and watching movies. If you are a fashion enthusiast like me, then let me present you the personally curated list of my favorite fashion documentaries. Fashion adds magic and beauty to the movies that makes them as fascinating to watch as fiction but at the same time you get an information and a glimpse into the industry and its background. So, take a look and let me know which one is your favorite.

  • Dior and I

Dior is one of my top favorite brands and I’m pretty sure I’m not alone in this. But my love for the brand is not the reason this documentary made it to my selection. The way this movie shows the whole journey of creating Raf Simons’ first couture collection is divine. As a viewer you can feel the tension, emotions, stress and happiness that goes into the process. You become part of the team, get an inside look and as the movie ends you have new, special bond with the brand. Highly recommend.

  • The September Issue

This movie is the first fashion documentary I watched and then re-watched countless times. The movie is documenting the whole process of making the biggest September issue of Vogue USA. You see interviews and working process of such people as Anna Wintour, Grace Coddington, Andre Leon Talley and others. You will see them tired, arguing, creating, traveling and making a team. This movie appreciates various professions that contribute into fashion and Vogue magazine.

  • Manolo: The Boy Who Made Shoes for Lizards

Manolo Blahnik is surely one of the best known shoe designers in the world. If you have seen Sex and The City episodes, movies or any other movie with a fashionable character you have heard of the brand. Unlike previously mentioned 2 movies, this documentary is not concentrated on one event but rather on the highlights from the history of the brand. For me shoes are the most important aspect of the look so seeing creative side of the dream designer and his personality made this documentary quite special to me.

  • Mademoiselle C

Weather you know Carine Roitfeld or not this movie is definitely must-watch for fashion lovers. Former editor-in-chief of Vogue Paris and founder of CR Fashion Book is an ultimate fashion insider which she generously shares in the documentary. If you want to see modern style icon and what goes into her life and work – this movie is for you.

  • The First Monday in May

Everyone know that the first Monday in May is when fashion meets art and magic happens. It’s time for MET Gala. Every single celebrity and influencer is taking their time to shine on this event and every year the Gala has a new theme. The theme described in the documentary is China. Preparation, vision and interviews from the main drivers of fashion industry, from Anna to Karl are the part of the movie.

  • The Gospel According to Andre

Andre Leon Talley of American Vogue and WWD is a fashion icon himself. He dictates fashion rules, trends and practices what he pitches. He is never boring and his journey from a boy of color to the influencer in the snobby industry is worth your attention.

  • Bill Cunningham New York

Bill Cunningham is one of the people I would have been happy to meet. He was the first generation of street style photographers. You could often see him on his bicycle riding around New York. The movie describes his work for New York Times, WWD as well as him private life and the kindest, modest, most professional personality. Today he is a legend and the only way to get to know him as well as it is possible today is through this movie, so enjoy!

  • Lagerfeld Confidential

A living legend. Low ponytail, all black, leather gloves and always sunglasses on- iconic look of one of the greatest fashion creators of our time. From Fendi to Chanel he is always staying on top of the game and this documentary will give you a glimpse of his daily life, background, social perspectives and even the fact that he is a photographer for behind some of the iconic fashion images you love. My high recommendations!

I truly hope this post will inspire your next movie choice. And while there is much more to out there, it’s all about the personal taste and I am happy to share with you mine.

Celebrate Good Times

Weekends are the happy endings of long, busy weeks. If blogging has any power to preach I would suggest you gather all your essentials and call your people (if you aren’t already planned). Putting on something sparkling, my new favorite scent, little touch-ups for extra confidence and we are ready to party!
Celebrate good times, come on!

party2party6party5party1party8party7party4Little polaroids are made by my new toy fujifilm instax mini 9.So much fun to use it and a good tip is to just bring it to the party .. everyone will find a way to use it and make unforgettable memories!

Tonight we are celebrating birthday of the author of these pictures… very special person with clearly bright future. Happy Bday N!)

 Enjoy your weekend!


All Of (My) 2017 In One

ტაკეაუIt’s been a little while since I last posted but I’m sure I wasn’t the only one, who got too busy this holiday season. This is the most wonderful time of the year but what makes it even more special to me is taking a moment to realize what a journey this year has been.

Taking this moment right now I can tell that 2017 has changed my life drastically. I visited 4 new countries/cities for both, business and leisure. Carrier wise, it’s been a huge inspiration for me to get invited to some of the shows at London Fashion Week and working with one of my favorite London based street style photographers Moeez Tali. This period has not only increased the number of readers but also boosted my motivation to go for more! One of that MORE was my first ever feature in‘s street style chronicles as well as in ELLE USA. And several months later I signed a contract with H&M as a member of the first management team in Georgia. I left for Croatia and spent 3 months of summer developing and learning for my new position but I also found time for pleasure.

I traveled with my girls to Barcelona, Spain for the first time and it has been a trip I will never forget. I spent the best time and some unforgettable memories! I also found time for myself when I left for a long weekend to Venice, Italy. Spent time wondering and exploring and eating on my own but as it has already become a tradition I found some Georgian friends to spend a nice evening with there too!

Later this year, working at my full-time job, I decided to post weekly on my blog and develop the content to make it more interesting to you. And one of my New Year resolutions is to keep developing and growing and capturing!

Of course, as any other year this one also had some looses. It was a major lost for me and while it is still very emotional and personal for me, I will just say that there is a special place in my heart that will stay with me forever.

There is so much more, little and big things that have started this year. And I can not wait to share more of it later on- in 2018! It has been a long year and I am grateful for all the opportunities and people that 2017 brought. You guys have also been a very important part of it so thank you for that!

Special thanks to my good friend and a talented fashion illustrator Tinatin Gvasalia for the illustration above. Check her out for more of her magic here.

So, that’s it for now. See you next time in 2018!
Happy New Year my dearest readers! Wish you a special one!






What’s In My Bag

bag.cov,Nothing can tell more about a girl than her purse. I guess that’s the reason why “what’s in my bag” blogs and vlogs are so attractive to spectators. I have been watching these series for ages and here I am, doing a humble version of mine today.

Let me just start with my bag. This gorgeous purse from the brand o7eleven has been with me for more than a year and wherever I go it always manages to be in the center of attention.
P.S. you will rarely find my phone in my bag because I usually have it in my hands.


2 things you can always find in my bag are my keys and a cardholder. I love my Laduree keychain.. hard not to.. And when we talk cardholders  I will just say that they are the only wallet I use. Many brands are producing cardholders but if you are interested in affordable ones, you can find more like mine at Monki.bag.1

Who leaves home without phone charger? I don’t! And this portable charger is so small and comfortable to through to every bag. bag2

If you dig deeper you will also discover my sunnies. I change them constantly but these Rey Ban ones are my go-to pair for almost a year already. And you never know when Sun protection or certain coverage will be needed!


My hand cream is my new obsession. First of all let’s just take a moment to appreciate the packaging! you will want to be holding it in you hands forever. And trust me, as weather becomes colder I. need. my. hand cream!bag4

For a quick fresh-up during the day I simply apply my Universal Powder,  lip liner (which I use like a lipstick over the whole lip) and add a scent. This Chanel perfume has a perfect size to travel with it on any distance. bag7

And last but not least, a lip balm, paper tissues and pain killers. Nothing should ruin your time, or distract you from what’s important. I especially get distracted my chopped lips, so not having a balm is not an option for me. bag9

So that’s it for this blog. Obviously, the content in my bag changes according to certain occasions but these were the things you can find in my o7eleven most often. bag bolo
Thank you for your time!
See you next Wednesday with the new blog!




Girl Crush- Gilda Ambrosio

Gilda Ambrosio is that cool Italian girl, who knows how to dress.GildaAmbrosio_Takeau2

I found Gilda through Instagram and instantly followed her stylish account. The next day I showed my girlfriend Instagram of a girl, who “has great taste in shoes!” For me, she is a true embodiment of INFLUENCER, as she inspired me with every new post. Several weeks later I heard the girls from Fashion: No Filter discussing her as an Italian streetstyle star… which, she obviously is. It’s all about her personality! She wears classic pieces, such as Chanel pumps, combined with unknown, upcoming brands and her own brand Attico, and pulls it like a pro. But what I like most of all is that she doesn’t do it like many of the bloggers we see. Instead makes it look as extraordinary and confident as no one else!










Paris Fashion Week Fall Winter 2016, Day 5