Trending Hair Accessories

You have seen me in bobby pins, headbands and hair clips, and I’m not about to stop. In fact let’s talk the major fashion trend that started last summer with simple bow ties and keeps on growing, developing and amazing fashion junkies of the world. Let’s see why we all love it, how we can master it and who is the major inspiration to look up to.

Preppy cool – this is how I would describe all this pins-and-clips movement. From our early school years to the latest Paris Fashion Week one thing is certain, no matter if your style is super minimalistic or full on avant-garde, everyone can find a way to style the trend. These details can upgrade the whole basic look to chic or keep a dressier look to the cool, low-key level. In fact, let’s go through my little selection for visual demonstration.

The key is to keep the rest of the hair simple. The most common way it to keep your hair down in the natural way and simply add a headband or a combination of your favorite accessories. It doesn’t matter if you prefer adding textured waves to your heir or keeping it slick, what matters is an effortless feeling.
Styling combinations are countless! You can play it cool with a single statement piece, or combine 2 or more pins of a similar esthetic, or put infinite number of basic bobby pins all on one side, or separate your hair in the center and clip it from both sides symmetrically… But I would recommend to keep your bold, colorful combination for more minimalistic looks, such as white top and jeans. Balancing the whole look with this trend is simple!

Lastly, let me introduce you to my ultimate inspiration, Vanessa Hong, who nailed this hair trend like a pro and is about to spoil us with a very special hair accessories collaboration with LELET NY. I will keep you updated on that one but before that enjoy the pictures.

Headbands definitely deserve a place in this trend report. The rule with these IT Accessories – The Bigger, The Better.
Being a fan of Blair Waldorf, I have been loving headbands since high school but this teenage obsession of mine has got a new form (literally).
Not only these headbands are now wider but also much taller via the curve volume.

The first brand that started this trend in past season was Alessanda Rich for SS19 collection. Georgian brand N-Duo Concept in collaboration with Desert Mannequin was also among the first to catch the trend and than Prada came and took the volume game to the daring level. This head pieces are definitely a statement for every outfit. You can find it in any color, fabric and embellishment so get inspired and choose the one that works for you.

Alessanda Rich
Prada IRL

Thanks for checking in. Hope you enjoyed and got inspired! Have a great week and stay tuned.

Designer to Watch: Mariam Tavberidze

While Mariam sees herself as Haute Couture designer, she gets inspired by such iconic fashion houses as Givenchy, Alexander McQueen and Yves Saint Lauren. She sees the life happening around her and takes all in to express through her profession. I hope life will take her to unexpected, great places and we will all experience her imagination through her work.

8 Must-Watch Fashion Documentaries

Sundays are for relaxation and personal growth. This includes time for reading and watching movies. If you are a fashion enthusiast like me, then let me present you the personally curated list of my favorite fashion documentaries. Fashion adds magic and beauty to the movies that makes them as fascinating to watch as fiction but at the same time you get an information and a glimpse into the industry and its background. So, take a look and let me know which one is your favorite.

  • Dior and I

Dior is one of my top favorite brands and I’m pretty sure I’m not alone in this. But my love for the brand is not the reason this documentary made it to my selection. The way this movie shows the whole journey of creating Raf Simons’ first couture collection is divine. As a viewer you can feel the tension, emotions, stress and happiness that goes into the process. You become part of the team, get an inside look and as the movie ends you have new, special bond with the brand. Highly recommend.

  • The September Issue

This movie is the first fashion documentary I watched and then re-watched countless times. The movie is documenting the whole process of making the biggest September issue of Vogue USA. You see interviews and working process of such people as Anna Wintour, Grace Coddington, Andre Leon Talley and others. You will see them tired, arguing, creating, traveling and making a team. This movie appreciates various professions that contribute into fashion and Vogue magazine.

  • Manolo: The Boy Who Made Shoes for Lizards

Manolo Blahnik is surely one of the best known shoe designers in the world. If you have seen Sex and The City episodes, movies or any other movie with a fashionable character you have heard of the brand. Unlike previously mentioned 2 movies, this documentary is not concentrated on one event but rather on the highlights from the history of the brand. For me shoes are the most important aspect of the look so seeing creative side of the dream designer and his personality made this documentary quite special to me.

  • Mademoiselle C

Weather you know Carine Roitfeld or not this movie is definitely must-watch for fashion lovers. Former editor-in-chief of Vogue Paris and founder of CR Fashion Book is an ultimate fashion insider which she generously shares in the documentary. If you want to see modern style icon and what goes into her life and work – this movie is for you.

  • The First Monday in May

Everyone know that the first Monday in May is when fashion meets art and magic happens. It’s time for MET Gala. Every single celebrity and influencer is taking their time to shine on this event and every year the Gala has a new theme. The theme described in the documentary is China. Preparation, vision and interviews from the main drivers of fashion industry, from Anna to Karl are the part of the movie.

  • The Gospel According to Andre

Andre Leon Talley of American Vogue and WWD is a fashion icon himself. He dictates fashion rules, trends and practices what he pitches. He is never boring and his journey from a boy of color to the influencer in the snobby industry is worth your attention.

  • Bill Cunningham New York

Bill Cunningham is one of the people I would have been happy to meet. He was the first generation of street style photographers. You could often see him on his bicycle riding around New York. The movie describes his work for New York Times, WWD as well as him private life and the kindest, modest, most professional personality. Today he is a legend and the only way to get to know him as well as it is possible today is through this movie, so enjoy!

  • Lagerfeld Confidential

A living legend. Low ponytail, all black, leather gloves and always sunglasses on- iconic look of one of the greatest fashion creators of our time. From Fendi to Chanel he is always staying on top of the game and this documentary will give you a glimpse of his daily life, background, social perspectives and even the fact that he is a photographer for behind some of the iconic fashion images you love. My high recommendations!

I truly hope this post will inspire your next movie choice. And while there is much more to out there, it’s all about the personal taste and I am happy to share with you mine.

Moschino [tv] H&M and MBFW Tbilisi Weekend

So much happened over that weekend. Tbilisi hosted another fashion week, gathering local and international fashion community in a brand new location – Museum of Fine Arts in the heart of Tbilisi (Nov 1-5). However, I didn’t get the chance to attend all of the shows I had an interest in so, let’s start with the reason why:

As many of you know my fulltime job takes place at H&M Georgia. And this year we hosted designer collaboration in Tbilisi for the first time and Moschino [tv] H&M couldn’t launch without an exclusive VIP event, in organization of which I was majorly involved. The event was fabulous and took place on Saturday evening. The only fashion show that worked it’s way into my pre-event schedule was 15 minutes of Materiel on Friday evening. 

On the Sunday morning after HMOSCHINO event I dressed up and ran to catch upon some shows. While dressing up in the morning I was looking for something cosy, in neutral fall colors but wanted to have a flawy, feminine silhouette. And let me tell you, this look made me feel “comfortable in my own skin”.

The first one was ANOUKI. Super girly, feminine collection with a lot of pink and sparkle (just as I like). Must-haves from this  collection are definitely shoes and bags! The bags are something else and I have no idea how anyone can not be falling for them.

The afternoon continued with George Keburia, showcasing all the current trends (such as biking shorts, some neon, etc.) with the topping of a chefs hat. It followed by Aleksandre Akhalkacishvili and I ended the day with DALOOD. The next day, back at the office I was catching up with a friend on past weekend I stated that while DALOOD always seems to be keeping up with the internationally established trends, it tends to always create the image of a confident, strong woman, which I love to see over and over again.

Those of you who follow me on Instagram have probably seen all of this in my IG stories. So make sure to keep up and see everything first!

Thanks and wish you a day full of beauty!

Please note, the photos from the shows are not made, or do not belong to me.

Outfit Of The Week


It was a sunny morning, so I thought why not use the perfect chance to dress in my favorite cycling short. Never the less, I wanted to walk out my dream shoes (since last spring, when Celine showcased them on PFW).
Even though I wore this look to work, I think it is a perfect day-to-night outfit. While heels and blazer make it dressy and professional, this shorts keep it all comfy!


Obviously, I couldn’t help but add some golden details. Works perfectly with the beige accents on shoes. I’ve really been into belts over blazers, recently. I guess this is partly an influence after the last Dior show, where feminine silhouettes and highlighted waistlines were celebrated to the fullest. And talking about PFW- while I absolutely loved shows like, Isabel Marant, YSL, Jacquemus and Chloe, I would say that Celine’s previous collections (and again, my new shoes, which I am so grateful about) looked more appealing to my eye than the collection by Hedi Slimane. I see this as a different esthetic, which is simply not my personal preference.





This was a quick outfit post, which I enjoyed wearing and sharing! Hope this inspired your next long day outfit at any extend.

Bazer: here and more affordable here
Cycling shorts: here and similar here
Boots: similar here and here
Belt: here
Necklace: here

See you next time … 😍

Pearls, Pearls, Pearls…

Formula: your casual outfit+ pearl accessoryinspo

September brought New York Fashion Week, which brought all the trends that are here for at least the entire upcoming season. I’m starting with the simplest trend that is both, easy and effective. Take your perfect pearl accessory and just add it to the simple everyday outfit before running out. Whether you are going for a simple T-shirt and jeans, or a ruffled dress, there is no way to go wrong.

In my opinion, this time there are no rules. You can go over the top, think outside the box, or simply add a simple pearl to the classic look. Anyways, it will turn out just on point!IMG_5267

Perfect trend to borrow from our mothers and grand mothers, right? I agree, but I also added some new peaces like this pearl hoop earrings from Anouki. This was love from the first sight, I couldn’t resist.

pearl trend

Here is a little bonus. I created a personal selection of all my favorite pearl accessories. Each and every piece is available, hope you will find it useful.
(Check from left to right, than, from up to down.)

1.Chan Luu 
2.Style Nanda
4.Le Chic Radical
5.Style Nanda


Thanks for keeping up. More interesting content is coming so stay tuned 🙂


MBFW Tbilisi AW18

As I woke up this morning, I decided to have some “Me Time” and headed to the pool on my own. I spent 4 hours swimming, listening to the music and browsing through Vogue and then it hit me: I completely forgot to share my Vogue and Mercedes Benz Fashion Week updates with you , so here we go!

This season MBFW tried on a new location (Tbilisi Circus), which I wasn’t really fond of. However, many designers managed to create their own atmosphere in that environment.   Two shows that impressed me the most there were  Ingorokva, with her strong, mostly dark, masculine shapes and colorful Dalood, with some rebellious vibes.

Other than that, my two favorites from the total week were Anouki and Djaba Diasamidze. These two had completely different shows. While Anouki made me feel lucky for being in the beautiful small room filled with fashion , Djaba killed it with the biggest and most festive of the shows. His show started with Moet Campaigns and continued with his signature gowns, which made everyone feel like we have been in Djabas beautiful world for a little while and came back full of emotions and inspiration. I guess you can tell that his show definitely was my favorite!



And now a fact about my personal fashion: spontaneous looks which I plan in a hurry turn out to have a better result and I feel more comfortable in them. Two of my looks from this fashion week ended up Vogue (USA and Poland). Screen Shot 2018-05-07 at 1.12.48 PMScreen Shot 2018-05-07 at 1.07.27 PM


A very talented Mary Bichashvili also captured my outfits, while reporting her first street style series (on film) for the Buyers Mag. image1-2



That’s it for now. Thank you for following and supporting.
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Day 4 of Tbilisi Fashion Week


Last week Tbilisi hosted Tbilisi Fashion Week, celebrating young developing creatives of Georgian fashion scene. Unfortunately, I only attended few shows but, from what I saw, Ani Datukishvili‘s collection was the most interesting. As I wasn’t busy on Day 4 of the fashion week, I decided to try out one of my favorite trends which I first saw at the Celine SS18 show. So, I tucked in my blazer and ran off to see Flying Painter..




Later I found this look of mine captured for Tbilisi-Fashion-Week_-14

You will definitely see me wearing my blazers tucked in again, since it looks just as cool as it makes my feel!


Thank you for reading and following. 


Interesting things are coming, so keep an eye for more!






I am wearing:
Blazer: H&M
Bag: Simon Miller
Shoes: Topshop

Scandinavians Do It Better

cover scandi“A penchant for cool colors, minimalists outerwear, and a very healthy dose of Balenciaga.” This is how W Magazine describes Scandinavian fashion set. Danish, Swedish and Norwegian girl, getting dressed and influencing the entire fashion industry is so pleasing to watch and easy to get obsessed with. It seems like they are not trying hard, nor do they sacrifice their comfort in sake of a trend but at the end they manage to look flawless. Scandinavian It Girls became global It Girl and the powerhouses writing books (my favorite is Dress Scandinavian by Pernille Teisbaek), establishing fashion brands and collaborating with the biggest international designers.

There is something about Scandinavian lifestyle that influences the total esthetic of the region. From visual arts to interior design these countries conquered place on every ” ” must-see list. I am among them!

Scandinavian girls, I follow on Instagram inspire my outfits on daily basis. What I love is that less is more. I love clean, fresh looks; right ways of accessorizing and simple approach to the trends. Whether they are rocking a monochrome looks or mixing prints and colors they maintain to have a signature style, which never seems over-the-top. There are two big weaknesses of mine that Scandinavian fashion girls own: simple, minimalist make-up and bold, beautiful, flattering shoes.

Here are some of the finest of this special breed:






pernille t
pernille te


maria k



Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
Processed with VSCO with p5 preset

If you are not following any of them trust me your feed will only benefit if you will!

Have a beautiful week.

See you next time 🙂

Style by Three: White Shirt

Dear friends, I decided to start this new monthly series “Style by Three”, where we will choose 1 item and I will style it in number of ways, and share with you! I hope that everyone can find a look or two they can pull off easily … just like counting till three 🙂

As you see from the headline this first episode is about simple white shirts. I chose to share few ways of wearing it, since most of us already have it in the wardrobe; it can count for basics but at the same time a good white shirt can momentarily change and polish any look. There are so many ways to style this essential for every single season but for my first episode I will limit myself with 4 easy looks.

For the first look I styled my white shirt with a sweater but instead of choosing regular fitted sweater I went for the chunky one. An oversized, colorful sweater is the comfiest piece for the transitional season and by showing little sleeves and the bottom line of the shirt (not the collar of the shirt) makes sweater look more interesting and not in the schoolgirl kind of way.



I think this look is wearable from day to night. Imagine going to your job; you feel comfortable to face the day in your denim and untacked shirt but in a combination with black spaghetti-striped top and low heels you look professional and respectable. And after work you just add a lipstick and run to a dinner with friends or even to the theatre.


This look might include a white shirt and a blazer but I would consider wearing it for a weekend. Slippers, mom jeans and untacked shirt and you can run your weekend errands or enjoy your spare time. Blazer works like a fancier version of a jacket and you can make it more interesting with the details, such as styling collar or sleeves and adding printed garments (jeans in this case) and a cool pear of sunnies.


I discovered this look through one of my favorite bloggers –Aimee Song. She styled a turtleneck with a white shirt over it. This is not common way of styling so you instantly look more interesting. The look is comfortable and pretty warm as well. I’m suggesting to wear this look with sneakers or trainers in order to keep it “too cool for school”.

Processed with VSCO with b1 preset

IMG_3540Processed with VSCO with b1 preset

That’s all for today. I would appreciate your suggestions on what to style next. Meanwhile, you can give your white shirt another try and it you are looking for a new one I would highly suggest a loose model (not fit, maybe even a little longish), with really deep cut-outs of the sides. The deeper is the cut-out, the longer your legs appear.