HOW TO: Casual Style in Times of Pandemic

In my understanding, casual style in the time of Covid become more low key than it ever used to be

In my understanding, casual style in times of Covid became more low key than ever before. Even though I still get to physically go to the office every day, the reasons and motivational factors to get dressed up are not so many. And as a result of a full year of Pandemic it becomes harder to push ourselves into tight, structured, revealing and uncomfortable clothes and shoes, so I put together an outfit formula and provided examples of Covid-casual look for me and my favorite influencers.

  1. Focus on knitwear

Whenever you want (or have to) wear something tailored, such as a white shirt or formal pants, balance the other half of your look with a comfy knits.

  1. Keep a blazer around

Whenever your outfit starts feeling too homey, through on a blazer. It’s a perfect way to balance lazy knits to the real casualness.

  1. Matching sets

There is nothing more simple than a great matching set that will keep you comfy while looking extremely put together. Whether you are a monochrome type or colorful one, there is no wrong way.

Stay stylish!

Top 3 Designer IT Bags of the Season

These IT bags have been styled and photographed by the major influencers across the social media

With the digital Fashion Month coming to an end we have few designer bags grabbing more attention than others. These IT bags have been styled and photographed by the major influencers across the social media. We have highlighted 3 IT bags that every stylish content creator owns so let’s dive right in

  1. Louis Vuitton Coussin bag
    With it’s 5 color option LV Coussin bag is definitely the most warn designer bag of the season.

2. Prada Cleo shoulder bag
The minimalistic design of this one makes it surely timeless, which was probably also translated into the campaign as many influencers posted pictures with Cleo bag in black and white instead of regular colors.

3. Valentino Garavani Roman Stud Bag
The latest Valentino addition comes in 4 colors (Black, pink, lime and white), however, it seams like lime and white are the most popular options among the influencers

Do you already have a favorite?

Head to our Instagram page and vote for your favorite styling in the stories.

Interview with Nataly Osmann

I have a lot of things from talented Georgian designers in my wardrobe and I am very happy to attend fashion Weeks in Tbilisi

Everyone knows famous couple who travels around the world and takes breathtaking photos à la #FollowMeTo. As a follower myself, little did I know that one Easter break I would have a pleasure of meeting Nataly and Murad Osmann in the showroom where I worked. Nataly has an exquisite sense of style and always created marvelous looks on her travel pictures. Therefore, this came as a no surprise that today she is one of the leading fashion influencers, with over 1M followers. You can follow her around the major fashion weeks and red carpet events, see preparation and behind the scene videos on her Youtube channel

Nataly’s content is something to always look forward to and quarantine was no exception. This inspiration led to the interview, which I hope you will enjoy too!

  •  As a person who has been a traveler for years, how is the lockdown treating you? (Any guilty pleasures or lifesavers maybe?)

My husband – Murad and I have never stayed home for so long. But we tried to use self-isolation to our advantage. I started making live broadcasts with interesting people on my Instagram account. All videos are saved on IGTV, so you can watch them. We also held a #FollowMeToHome contest for our followers. People posted #FollowMeTo-style photos from their homes on Instagram and we gave gifts to the most creative ones. Also, I finally found time to cook delicious breakfasts and dinners for my husband, read books, dance and shoot our fun in TikTok to share positivity with everyone.

  • I noticed in your Fashion Week videos on Youtube, that even on the craziest of the days you still find time to do Yoga. When did it became part of your life and what does it mean to you?

Yoga is an important part of every day for a very long time. I start my day with practice and also find time for meditation and breathing exercises throughout the day. Even if I don’t have time or feel very tired, like at Fashion Weeks, I still try to spread the yoga carpet and do at least 10 minutes of exercise. So, I keep my mental balance and calm my mind.

  • In your experience, what is the formula to becoming successful travel/fashion influencer?

This may sound predictable, but the formula is simple — be yourself, don’t adapt to someone, don’t copy other people. You can be inspired by people, but it is extremely important to remain sincere. 

  • You work with number of the biggest international fashion brands. Could you please share one collaboration that is special to your heart? 

There are many of them, but one of my most favorite brands is Bulgari. This is not even a collaboration, but rather a sincere love for everything that the brand does.

I also want to mention Dior, I admire the brand! 

And one of the most exciting collaborations was my first commercial shoot for Michael Kors. It was about 8 years ago, when Murad and I were in New York, designer Michael Kors wrote to us and offered to participate in the charity project “Watch Hunger Stop”. Every purchase of the branded watch sponsored hundred breakfasts for children of Africa. The face of the campaign was Halle Berry. We posted some photos of #FollowMeTo on social media in support of the campaign and they ended up on the screens of Times Square.

  • Name 3 fashion accounts that you love to follow and why?

I will name a few recognized icons that I like to watch — Anna Venture, Victoria Beckham, the Hadid family. From the bloggers, I would mention Amina Muaddi, who launched her fantastic footwear brand. I also follow Bryan Yambao, also known as @bryanboy (a Filipino fashion blogger). I am inspired by what Maksim Sapozhnikov does, he created online fashion magazine @fashiontomax. 

I love the stylist Julie Pelipas, she is the fashion Director of Vogue Ukraine. And it is also very pleasant to follow Maria Mikhailova — the gossip editor of Vogue Russia magazine. There are a lot of them, it is impossible to note only 3. 🙂

  • We met few times in Tbilisi and I know you are familiar with Georgian fashion designers. Can you please share if you have any favorites?

I have a lot of things from talented Georgian designers in my wardrobe and I am very happy to attend fashion Weeks in Tbilisi. My favorite brands are Dots, designer Lalo Dolidze, ANOUKI, Dalood. I also like very conceptual and intricate items of MATERIEL TBILISI.

  • Are there any future projects you can share with my readers? Something to look forward to.

Recently I launched my first online course about yoga and meditation for beginners. It is for people who don’t know how to start the path to yoga. I share the knowledge that I have collected over 15 years in Tibet, India, South America, the Himalayas and Egypt. I share my rituals for maintaining inner balance, talk about my favorite stones and aromatherapy, share a list of books and playlists with mantras, and do meditations with singing bowls. This is a really important project for me, in which I have invested my experience and soul.

And I was going to open a new well-being space Ashram, but the quarantine and the situation in the world have made their own adjustments. I believe that in the near future I will be able to open this magical place and will invite you there)

Interview with Vanessa Hong

Hmmmm. Maybe a Celine piece I’ve waited for something special to wear to. Definitely want to make a splash to celebrate this when it’s all over.

I discovered Vanessa many years ago. Back then, no one used the term “influencer” and Vanessa ran her own blog names Haute Pursuit. Her website was a home to the inspiring outfits, New York City lifestyle and exquisite blogging skills. She is one of the few original fashion bloggers who created a new niche in the fashion industry and established new types of partnerships in it. She constantly collaborates with brands such as Chanel, Bottega Veneta and Prada and also hosts a podcast channel VanessaWantsToKnow.
Vanessa has served as an inspiration for my blogs in the past. Today I am happy to share our interview and introduce her firsthand. So let’s dive right in!

  1. Unfortunately, we are all going through a very difficult situation with COVID-19 and lockdowns all around the world. Could you share your personal experience, including the biggest challenges and/or tips?

It’s definitely been strange living in NY, one of the busiest cities in the world & have it be still and quiet except for sirens. The lockdown has really helped me see what is important to me in my personal and work life. Hopefully people have enjoyed all the IG Lives, IG TVs and feed content I’ve created during this time. It’s come from a place of curiosity, expansion and wanting to help in whatever way I can.

My yoga community has been so important during this time. I do class every day and have tried to be consistent with my meditation practice. Slowing down in general, spending less time on my phone and reading more books has also really nourished me.

  • Everyone following you can tell that along with the exquisite style you also bring spirituality and consciousness to the table. How well do you think the brands are responding to the challenges of sustainability of the planet?

To be honest, I want to be more optimistic about the industry as a whole, but sustainability and the fashion industry are ideologically, diametrically opposed. The onus on fashion brands is to create new seasons, make more clothes, add to what has been made already. I love fashion, I consume fashion myself and this is a realization that is very hard to stomach.

Hopefully one of the outcomes of this global event is a real, intentional review of how we do business in fashion.

  • Being an influencer you probably have a large wardrobe. With the items you have accumulated, (including the gifts from the brands) is there any method/rule you approach to keep your wardrobe mindful?

One of the ways I’ve tried to counteract this is not accepting gifts but rather working with brands on a sample loan basis. So this means I’ll borrow a piece from the runway or studio, shoot it, and then return the garments. When I am gifted (and this too happens) I give most of it away. When I started my career in fashion, I had limited funds and could not afford many of the things I wanted. So i know the value of receiving a gift, no strings attached – and I try to do this as often as possible.

  • What are your thoughts about vintage and second hand shopping? If positive, what are your favorite destinations online and offline?

For me, I like to collect old Celine pieces from Phoebe Philo’s era. I find those on Vestaire and The Real Real. Alternatively, I love going to vintage stores in Europe, i feel the curation and quality is so much better. One of my favorite people and stores is in Copenhagen, a placed called ‘Paloma’s vintage’

  • Is there an outfit or just an item you can’t wait to wear once this pandemic is over?

Hmmmm. Maybe a Celine piece I’ve waited for something special to wear to. Definitely want to make a splash to celebrate this when it’s all over.

  • Vanessa, can you share 3 influencers that inspire you?

my friend and a mentor @therealphilliplim (Phillip has the best cooking stories and his content is like a breath of fresh air just like him)

food stylist @lailacooks (I love Laila’s approach to food. It’s artistic, funny & very educational)

my facialist @joannaczechofficial (Joanna is one of the funniest people I know and she’s been doing faces for 20+ years and has so many great tips)

  • You created a great platform, especially for this particular situation. Is there anything additional project/idea you can share for our readers to look forward?

Yes, you can look forward to weekly podcasts from VanessaWantsToKnow. We’ll be having fun, uplifting conversations with all sorts of people from the Creative world. Definitely a must listen.

ქართული ვერსია ნახეთ აქ

მიკრო-ტრენდი: დიდი საყელო

პოპულარობით ეს ტრენდი ისეთ ინფლუენსერებს შორისაც სარგებლობს, როგორებიც არიან პერნილე ტაისბეკი (ბლოგერი და Social Zoo-ს დამფუძნებელი) და ლეანდრა კოჰენი Man Repeller-ის დამფუძნებელი).

მოდური ტრენდების ნაირსახეობა ყოველ სეზონზე მატულობს, რაც მოდის მოყვარულებისთვის როგორც საინტერესო, ისევე დამაბნეველი შეიძლება იყოს. არის ტრენდები, რომლებიც რეალურ ცხოვრებაში კონკრეტულ ამინდს, შესაბამის ფიგურას ან სიტუაციას მოითხოვენ, თუმცა მინდა მოგიყვეთ იმ მიკრო-ტრენდზე, რომელიც თქვენს ყოველდღიურ გარდერობს მარტივად მოერგება.

დიდი (oversized) საყელოების მრავალფეროვნებას უამრავი ბრენდი გვთავაზობს, თუმცა ისინი სტილისტურად განსხვავდება. მაგალითად, GUCCI-მ 70-იანიების წაწვეტებული პერანგის საყელო გამოიყენა, ჩვენ კი მაქმანებიან, ვინტაჟური სტილის საყელოზე ვისაუბრებთ, რომელიც Chanel-მა ბოლო Haut Couture-ის ჩვენებაზე არაერთ ლუქში გამოიყენა. მსგავსი საყელოთი ცნობილია სკანდინავიური ბრენდი GANNI-ც, რომელიც ბოლო წლებია დიდი პოპულარობით სარგებლობს. პოპულარობით ეს ტრენდი ისეთ ინფლუენსერებს შორისაც სარგებლობს, როგორებიც არიან პერნილე ტაისბეკი (ბლოგერი და Social Zoo-ს დამფუძნებელი) და ლეანდრა კოჰენი Man Repeller-ის დამფუძნებელი).

როგორ მოვირგოთ ეს მიკრო-ტრენდი?

თუ ფიქრობ, როგორ მოირგო დიდი საყელო ისე, რომ არ გამოიყურებოდე როგორც სკოლის პირველ დღეს, ეს რჩევები ჩემგან:
– ბევრი არ იფიქრო, შენი საყვარელი ჯინსი და კედი ძალიან მოუხდება დიდ საყელოიან ზედას.
– დააბალანსე ეს ნაზი დეტალი შედარებით უხეში ელემენტებით. მაგალითად, სპორტული ან მამაკაცის სტილის შარვლით..
– არ შეუშინდე მსგავს ზედაზე შენი საყვარელი ნაქსოვი სვიტერის ზევიდან ჩაცმას. მთავარია სვიტერის ყელი ისე ჯდებოდეს, რომ მისი ამოტანიება მარტივად შეიძლებოდეს.
– კაბა, რომელსაც მსგავსი საყელო აქვს შეგიძლია რაიმე ტრენდულ ქალურ ფეხსაცმელთან, ან უბრალოდ ბოტასთან ერთად ჩაიცვა.
– არ შუეშინდე აქსესუარებს.

ზოგი ბრენდი საყელოს, როგორც დამოუკიდებელ აქსესუარს გვთავაზობს, რაც მის მორგებას გარდერობში არსებულ ტანსაცმელთან საკმაოდ ამარტივებს. თანაც, ჩვენივე გემოვნებით!

ჩემი ზედა არის ZARA-დან, თუმცა რამდენადაც ვიცი გაყიდვაში აღარ არის. ამიტომ, გთავაზობთ რამდენიმე ალტერნატივას როგორც ხელმისაწვდომი, ისე high-end ბრენდებიდან.

Monki (ASOS-ზე)
Monki collar (ASOS-ზე)
Sea Collar
Miumiu (Net a Porter-ზე)
Comme des Garçons (Net a Porter-ზე)
GANNI (Net a Porter-ზე)

დღეისათვის სულ ეს იყო. დაელოდეთ ახალ ბლოგებს სტილის, მოდის ტენდენციებისა და სიხალეების შესახებ ქართულ ენაზე. არ დაგავიწყდეთ დააჭიროთ follow-ს ინსტაგრამზე, რომ პირველებმა მიიღოთ ინფორმაცია ახალი ბლოგების შესახებ!

We are facing a disturbing reality connected with COVID-19 in Georgia and around the world. It is our duty to follow the restrictions from our doctors and state authorities but, every once in a while, we all need destruction from the stressful info to more lightheaded one, especially in the times of lockdown. I hope my posts will serve you well and we will get to healthy, safe reality soon!

Cargo Pants

Cargo pants have been around for a while but they are not going to leave anytime soon. On the contrary, Fall will be the major season for this style. There are 2 reasons for loving this trend: the way it feels (super comfortable, as if you’d go to the office and then go camping with no problem) and the way it looks (super tough and confident). As you can see below I enjoy combining this kind of “masculine” trends with really feminine shoes and accessories. It gives me certain Safari vibes!

My pants are Zara but here are some alternatives that I hand-picked for you from some of my favorite online retailers:
Net-a-Porter, Mango, & Other Stories

Hope you enjoy this trend or simply try it on next time you go shopping. Have a lovely week!

Luxury of Tank Tops Pt 2

A week ago I shared with you, my dear readers, my look showcasing few of this summer’s favorite trends, such as a basic tank top and strappy sandals. But since the most comfortable item of the season is not going anywhere I decided to expend this topic and bring even more styling and inspiration options from my favorite girls in the industry.

Being a great base for any outfit, dressing down a fancy statement items and adding an effortless edginess to the look are some of the reasons to love this trend. On the pictures above you can see how well the tank tops will work for your early Autumn looks in combination with various jackets. See more options on some chic styling and get inspired!


In case you haven’t seen previous blogpost feel free to click here and enjoy!

Luxury of a Tank Top

Summer heats up but we still want to make it fashion! This summer trends are all about comfort and the tank top is the most remarkable example of it. No difficulties matching the outfits, no worries about the temperature and you are dressed according to the latest fashion.

I wore this look few times this summer and felt great every time. The top I’m wearing is from H&M Studio SS19 collection which is no longer available (unfortunately), but there are so many great alternatives, such as this and this, or check more affordable ones here and here.

Thanks for checking in! And stay alert as the part two of the “Luxury of Tank Tops” is coming with some of my favorite influencers rocking this trend!

ZEBRA: Fashion’s New Favorite Animal

It’s been over a year since animal prints took over the fashion world. Leopards, sneaks and now zebras! In my opinion these prints are fun and playful so it didn’t take me long to jump into this trend.

Zebra top in my look is actually a swimsuit, which I can’t wait to wear this summer. It’s from H&M Studio SS19 collection. I love that this print is never boring (even when you pair it with all black, like me)!

I really enjoyed wearing this outfit. I felt confident and fashion-forward at the same time. However, I also have my eyes on some other gorgeous zebra prints. Love to share them with you.

Boots on the left: Attico
Bucket Hat: ASOS Design
Slip on Mules: OFFICE
Jacket: Missguided
Swimsuit: H&M

There is way more, so find your perfect zebra prints and rock it all season long! Thanks for stopping by!

Outfit Chronicles

Here in Tbilisi, we love to complain about the weather. Especially in March, when the wind is blowing and mixing our Spring-ish vibes with gloomy clouds. Even though I wasn’t feeling like leaving my comfort zone, I still managed to pull off an easy, trendy, comfortable outfit I will be seen wearing during (real) Spring a lot.

Combine a breezy, silky skirt of your favorite color or print with a chunky, oversized or sporty sweater. You can find a broad verity of the silky skirt at affordable brands, such as H&M (this skirt), Zara, Mango and others. This look can totally work with sneakers as well but I feel like these sandals add something extra to the look and go perfectly with the skirt. Be open to experiment!

Hope you enjoyed this quick post. I’m looking forward to the warmer days but before that stay tuned for more!