“When I think of this platform (Takeau.com) I see a perfect hybrid between a style blog and a digital fashion magazine…”

Tako sikharulidze

What is Takeau.com

Takeau.com is an online platform combining a blog (with it’s opinionated, personable content) with a fashion magazine, opening our doors to various story-tellers, contributors and guest speakers. The platform is bi-lingual and hosts content in English and Georgian Languages.

The main focus of Takeau.com is Fashion and beauty. We share interesting content about these topics on this platform as well as our Social Media channels. Follow along and be a part of our journey.

Our History

Takeau.com started as a fashion blog by Tako Sikharulidze, founder and a current editor of the platform. She started the blog straight after the graduation, shared her style tips, outfits, travel diaries and more. After gaining more insight into fashion industry through local and international companies we decided to give takeau.com new life and create this innovative space for our readers and fashion lovers.

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