HOW TO: Casual Style in Times of Pandemic

In my understanding, casual style in times of Covid became more low key than ever before. Even though I still get to physically go to the office every day, the reasons and motivational factors to get dressed up are not so many. And as a result of a full year of Pandemic it becomes harder to push ourselves into tight, structured, revealing and uncomfortable clothes and shoes, so I put together an outfit formula and provided examples of Covid-casual look for me and my favorite influencers.

  1. Focus on knitwear

Whenever you want (or have to) wear something tailored, such as a white shirt or formal pants, balance the other half of your look with a comfy knits.

  1. Keep a blazer around

Whenever your outfit starts feeling too homey, through on a blazer. It’s a perfect way to balance lazy knits to the real casualness.

  1. Matching sets

There is nothing more simple than a great matching set that will keep you comfy while looking extremely put together. Whether you are a monochrome type or colorful one, there is no wrong way.

Stay stylish!