Top 3 Designer IT Bags of the Season

With the digital Fashion Month coming to an end we have few designer bags grabbing more attention than others. These IT bags have been styled and photographed by the major influencers across the social media. We have highlighted 3 IT bags that every stylish content creator owns so let’s dive right in

  1. Louis Vuitton Coussin bag
    With it’s 5 color option LV Coussin bag is definitely the most warn designer bag of the season.

2. Prada Cleo shoulder bag
The minimalistic design of this one makes it surely timeless, which was probably also translated into the campaign as many influencers posted pictures with Cleo bag in black and white instead of regular colors.

3. Valentino Garavani Roman Stud Bag
The latest Valentino addition comes in 4 colors (Black, pink, lime and white), however, it seams like lime and white are the most popular options among the influencers

Do you already have a favorite?

Head to our Instagram page and vote for your favorite styling in the stories.

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