Feminist or not?

What comes to your mind when thinking about FEMINISM? Is it someone like Michelle Obama, or a group of Russian activists protesting topless outside the DUMA?

The notion of feminism changed drastically throughout the decades. What started as a movement for gender equality, gained new dimensions in today’s reality, which makes it confusing for women (and men) to follow.

I grew up in a family, which valued opinions of me and my brother equally. Growing up I imagined myself choosing a career of my dreams and working as hard on it as anyone else, pushing my own limits (never had it crossed my mind to compare my abilities and chances of success to any particular gender). Therefore, I graduated my teenage years believing that I am a true feminist.

Few years later I stumbled upon a news program featuring Georgian feminist activists, protesting in the street. The radicalism of the protest, that called women to exclude men from every aspect of their lives, saying no to tradition of family and more got me thinking if this is really what I believe in. What disturbed me was not the fact that I didn’t agree with their views, but that I wasn’t welcome to make a choice on my own. Later on, I realized that in order to be taken seriously women are required to tone down their femininity. And ironically enough, this demand is created not only by men.

A year ago, fashion writer Camille Charriere said on her podcast (“Fashion No Filter”), that feminism in France somehow became a dirty word, associated with women who don’t shave, only wear hiking shoes and scare men off. However, being a strong, independent professional she identifies herself as feminist as well.

So, how is it possible that two (or more) types of females who identify themselves as feminists can’t see feminism in each other?  

And who does this make ME?

  • I work in fashion. Love clothes (as superficial as it may sound) and find joy in dressing up. Does this mean I’m not a feminist?
  • However, when dressing up I don’t dress for man. I get more excited when impressing other women with my style. Does this make me a feminist?
  • And if you see me posing for the Instagram?
  • And if I have deep appreciation for strong men in my life, who encouraged me to become a girl I am today?

Am I a feminist? You decide!

My point is that feminism is all about support. A system that enables women to be free in their decisions. No one enjoys men who impose their standards on women, so why should we do the same? In the world of so many inspiring, motivating women, who prove that the sky is the limit, there is no place for shaming on decisions.

Finally, I want to thank all the women who teach me what GIRL POWER really means. From the ladies in my family, to the ones I only know from social media and show me unexpected support with no agenda, happy International women’s day. Just the way Dior’s 2017 campaign stated WE SHOULD ALL BE FEMINISTS!

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