5-Product Summer Makeup Look

Dear friends, here we are! Long awaited summer days, with everything light and bright, have finally arrived. While we get some natural advantages, such as Sun-kisses skin, there is also the heat part that might get really uncomfortable sometimes. And just like we adjust our wardrobes, I believe the makeup routine needs to be adjusted as well.

Regardless of the season I usually opt for the makeup that looks natural and depending on the mood focus on lips or a settle eye. However, when the temperature gets high the light-weight-feeling of makeup becomes just as important as the visual. Therefore, I decided to share 5 of my favorite products for this season and a total everyday look I pull off using only these products.

This Estee Lauder CC cream is probably one of my favorite products of ALL seasons. But the reason I recommend it in summer is because of it’s light feeling. I totally replace any foundation with this cream and while it doesn’t have a strong coverage, it evens out the color on the entire face and with the summer tan it is all I really need. This CC cream gives your skin a natural, healthy glow and even tone which last long hours and contains SPF15 to protect your skin. I feel my skin breath and glow at the same time!

When it comes to brows this tiny Givenchy guy is always by my side. I don’t use pencils or shadows to fill in my brows so this one product does it all for me. It is a brush with tinted gel (I use N1 Brunette), which gives brows the shape and fills in the emptiness with tint. This product is waterproof which is great for summer! Easy and effective – is how I would describe it.

I rarely go for a dramatic eye in Summer but if you are this eye pencil is definitely a keeper. I use this perfectly waterproof black pencil on my lush-line. I try to make as this and invisible as possible but the whole purpose is the casually definition of my eye shape and visual thickness of lushes. If you are looking for a good quality pencil this is the one I recommend. It applies very softly, easily, is water proof and comes with YSL customized sharpener, which is always handy!

Then I move on to my lashes. Here I use this Diorshow waterproof mascara. I also use it in black and love it for the volume effect. To me this is a very simple, great quality mascara, which wouldn’t move from lashes and is always handy to have in bag!

And last but not least is this baby! There so many great things to say about this duo stick! Firstly, it comes in 2 colors (see options here) and you can use both colors multiple ways. In this look I only used the red side as a lipstick but you can also use it as a blush and I even used it as a pink “wet” eyeshadow. It’s just a great product to have in bag to quickly change your look and add a little extra detail to your makeup. Never the less, I show say how moisturizing is this stick, like a balm.

As you can see all these products are summer-approved, either for their waterproof features, or lightness and brightness. I chose to focus on these 5 products as they complete the simply makeup look, when you are rushing out for a long day and I don’t need any extra brushes or applicators which makes the process super fast and simple!

2 thoughts on “5-Product Summer Makeup Look”

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