Kazbegi Getaway

It’s hard to realize how much stress is on your shoulders until it’s gone. I left for a long weekend getaway to Kazbegi mountains (in Georgia), which turned out to be the most calming and stress-free place I have ever been to. Finding peace was not the purpose of the trip but a generous bonus. I left for Tbilisi on the 3rd day being totally in peace with myself; Calm, stress-free and full of positive thought.

Set Tako Free

We stayed at the Rooms Hotel – cozy and comfortable place surrounded with the most breathtaking views (which were covered in snow that weekend). As I am far from being a good photographer I could hardly capture all the beauty and atmosphere, however, I can share a feeling:
On a late evening I found myself alone at the swimming pool. I was in the water looking through the windows, seeing silhouettes of enormous mountains and light of the Gergeti church on the top of one of the hills. Gentle light at the pool, smell of wood and this view felt absolutely surreal. This wasn’t a moment worth capturing for me but it was worth stopping, appreciating and remembering.

Of course, the hotel has some other perk, such as an amazing breakfast including champaign and sweetest staff.. but that’s all just details 🙂

Thanks for catching up. Wish you all the weekends full of fun and relaxation!

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