Designer to Watch: Mariam Tavberidze

The idea of art hanging in the museum is to bring up emotions, imagination and thoughts in the viewer. One piece of art can be understood in hundred different ways by each of us and that’s so fascinating about it. I like to say that fashion can be form of expression for both, the designer and the person wearing the item. My dear friend Mariam is on the same page with me. She is young, talented and full of potential.

Recently, she graduated from the State Art Academy and stepping into the world she brought with her a collection (so surreal) which I am happy to share with you in this post.

She describes her inspiration behind the collection in controversy. Love and drama are the 2 forces that shaped the collection to its final look. As for me (a viewer in the museum) I see powerful creature, dark but powerful. The creature that has yin and yang and gorgeous wings. The collection is inspiration, which should be places in the museum.

While Mariam sees herself as Haute Couture designer, she gets inspired by such iconic fashion houses as Givenchy, Alexander McQueen and Yves Saint Lauren. She sees the life happening around her and takes all in to express through her profession. I hope life will take her to unexpected, great places and we will all experience her imagination through her work.

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