Style by Three: White Shirt

Dear friends, I decided to start this new monthly series “Style by Three”, where we will choose 1 item and I will style it in number of ways, and share with you! I hope that everyone can find a look or two they can pull off easily … just like counting till three 🙂

As you see from the headline this first episode is about simple white shirts. I chose to share few ways of wearing it, since most of us already have it in the wardrobe; it can count for basics but at the same time a good white shirt can momentarily change and polish any look. There are so many ways to style this essential for every single season but for my first episode I will limit myself with 4 easy looks.

For the first look I styled my white shirt with a sweater but instead of choosing regular fitted sweater I went for the chunky one. An oversized, colorful sweater is the comfiest piece for the transitional season and by showing little sleeves and the bottom line of the shirt (not the collar of the shirt) makes sweater look more interesting and not in the schoolgirl kind of way.



I think this look is wearable from day to night. Imagine going to your job; you feel comfortable to face the day in your denim and untacked shirt but in a combination with black spaghetti-striped top and low heels you look professional and respectable. And after work you just add a lipstick and run to a dinner with friends or even to the theatre.


This look might include a white shirt and a blazer but I would consider wearing it for a weekend. Slippers, mom jeans and untacked shirt and you can run your weekend errands or enjoy your spare time. Blazer works like a fancier version of a jacket and you can make it more interesting with the details, such as styling collar or sleeves and adding printed garments (jeans in this case) and a cool pear of sunnies.


I discovered this look through one of my favorite bloggers –Aimee Song. She styled a turtleneck with a white shirt over it. This is not common way of styling so you instantly look more interesting. The look is comfortable and pretty warm as well. I’m suggesting to wear this look with sneakers or trainers in order to keep it “too cool for school”.

Processed with VSCO with b1 preset

IMG_3540Processed with VSCO with b1 preset

That’s all for today. I would appreciate your suggestions on what to style next. Meanwhile, you can give your white shirt another try and it you are looking for a new one I would highly suggest a loose model (not fit, maybe even a little longish), with really deep cut-outs of the sides. The deeper is the cut-out, the longer your legs appear.



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