Fashion Week Heroes

Fashion month is already in its second quarter and changed the location from New York to London. Designers, collections, models, celebrities and street style stars are everywhere inspiring us for the next season. It seems fun and exciting even when you are not part of it and you only observe online. But today I’ve decided not to focus on the stars in front of the lens but instead to highlight the work of the real heroes of every FW- the street style photographers.


There is a lot of controversy regarding who, why and how the street style photographers are shooting but these are all subjective topics. Here are some facts:

  • Street style photographers know the industry inside out. They know everything from the latest trends, newest designers’ collections to every single fashion editor, well-known and rising bloggers and influencer.
  • They have a real sense of style. These photographers have an eye to distinguish good style from peacocking and certain photographers are dressed even better than the people they are photographing.
  • Street style photographers have one of the hardest jobs in the industry. They spend the whole fashion month running from venue to venue, eager not to miss a shot. In cold, in rain, in snow they deliver the images that inspire everyone, including high-street brands. This fact alone makes them legit heroes of fashion weeks.

In my opinion street style photographers are the cool people. They work hard but they never seem too serious, always leaving room for some fun, human contact and even dancing. At the end of the day many of them work for such publication as Vogue, Elle, W magazine, Harper’s Bazaar and others. The profession of a street style photographer has changed drastically throughout the last decade and it went from Paparazzi to a legit member of fashion industry. The rise of social media and blogging was extremely handy as well. Photographers gained followers and power to show their opinion and values. Some like Tamu McPherson turned into style influencers of their own.

tamu sss
Tamu Mcpherson


I’ve been lucky enough to be captured by few of my favorite photographers in Tbilisi and London. So enjoy my favorite shots and take a look at their authors!



Me, shot by Moeez during London Fashion Week


by tommy ton2




Tyler Joe in Tbilisi, during TBF


Me, shot by Tyler Joe during Tbilisi Fashion Week

Make sure to see the captures under certain images for more information.

Hope you enjoyed this blogpost. Let me know your opinion!

Don’t forget to check out the blog next week for new post!

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