All Of (My) 2017 In One

ტაკეაუIt’s been a little while since I last posted but I’m sure I wasn’t the only one, who got too busy this holiday season. This is the most wonderful time of the year but what makes it even more special to me is taking a moment to realize what a journey this year has been.

Taking this moment right now I can tell that 2017 has changed my life drastically. I visited 4 new countries/cities for both, business and leisure. Carrier wise, it’s been a huge inspiration for me to get invited to some of the shows at London Fashion Week and working with one of my favorite London based street style photographers Moeez Tali. This period has not only increased the number of readers but also boosted my motivation to go for more! One of that MORE was my first ever feature in‘s street style chronicles as well as in ELLE USA. And several months later I signed a contract with H&M as a member of the first management team in Georgia. I left for Croatia and spent 3 months of summer developing and learning for my new position but I also found time for pleasure.

I traveled with my girls to Barcelona, Spain for the first time and it has been a trip I will never forget. I spent the best time and some unforgettable memories! I also found time for myself when I left for a long weekend to Venice, Italy. Spent time wondering and exploring and eating on my own but as it has already become a tradition I found some Georgian friends to spend a nice evening with there too!

Later this year, working at my full-time job, I decided to post weekly on my blog and develop the content to make it more interesting to you. And one of my New Year resolutions is to keep developing and growing and capturing!

Of course, as any other year this one also had some looses. It was a major lost for me and while it is still very emotional and personal for me, I will just say that there is a special place in my heart that will stay with me forever.

There is so much more, little and big things that have started this year. And I can not wait to share more of it later on- in 2018! It has been a long year and I am grateful for all the opportunities and people that 2017 brought. You guys have also been a very important part of it so thank you for that!

Special thanks to my good friend and a talented fashion illustrator Tinatin Gvasalia for the illustration above. Check her out for more of her magic here.

So, that’s it for now. See you next time in 2018!
Happy New Year my dearest readers! Wish you a special one!






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