Perfectly Mismatching

Let’s talk earrings! If I wear a bracelet it’s minimalistic; the same with necklaces but when it comes to earrings, well, sometimes they are my statement items for the whole look. I believe earrings can draw the right attentions to your face and neckline. When the outfit is right I prefer big earring and today I am very into large, MISMATCHING earrings that have took over all the major fashion shows and stared in street style shots. earrings2

We are not talking about the same earrings of different colors, or, same style symbols like star and moon. We are talking about absolutely different earrings, with different length, or shape and/or even style.

marni sayure
Marni Fashion Show


The left one is by Georgian fashion house Atelier Kikala


sayure ellery
My favorites by Ellery

stella Mccartny

Very cool, very edgy but very chic.

Hope you like this trend as much as I do, especially since it is so easy to match and wear. Mismatching earring can instantly elevate your look so, just keep them in mind (or your bag)! And stay tuned for the new blog next Wednesday!



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