What’s In My Bag

bag.cov,Nothing can tell more about a girl than her purse. I guess that’s the reason why “what’s in my bag” blogs and vlogs are so attractive to spectators. I have been watching these series for ages and here I am, doing a humble version of mine today.

Let me just start with my bag. This gorgeous purse from the brand o7eleven has been with me for more than a year and wherever I go it always manages to be in the center of attention.
P.S. you will rarely find my phone in my bag because I usually have it in my hands.


2 things you can always find in my bag are my keys and a cardholder. I love my Laduree keychain.. hard not to.. And when we talk cardholders  I will just say that they are the only wallet I use. Many brands are producing cardholders but if you are interested in affordable ones, you can find more like mine at Monki.bag.1

Who leaves home without phone charger? I don’t! And this portable charger is so small and comfortable to through to every bag. bag2

If you dig deeper you will also discover my sunnies. I change them constantly but these Rey Ban ones are my go-to pair for almost a year already. And you never know when Sun protection or certain coverage will be needed!


My hand cream is my new obsession. First of all let’s just take a moment to appreciate the packaging! you will want to be holding it in you hands forever. And trust me, as weather becomes colder I. need. my. hand cream!bag4

For a quick fresh-up during the day I simply apply my Universal Powder,  lip liner (which I use like a lipstick over the whole lip) and add a scent. This Chanel perfume has a perfect size to travel with it on any distance. bag7

And last but not least, a lip balm, paper tissues and pain killers. Nothing should ruin your time, or distract you from what’s important. I especially get distracted my chopped lips, so not having a balm is not an option for me. bag9

So that’s it for this blog. Obviously, the content in my bag changes according to certain occasions but these were the things you can find in my o7eleven most often. bag bolo
Thank you for your time!
See you next Wednesday with the new blog!




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