Streets in Red

As much as I love following big fashion houses and my favorite designers bringing it to the runways, I also admire stalking street style snaps and I believe I’m not alone! With the number of photographers, trends, effort and INVESTMENT, today Street Style photography looks like an editorial-gone-wild. For any fashion-driven individual out there, it seems as amusing as the actual catwalk. For me, the purpose of digging through these images is first of all inspiration for myself and also endless information about the trends, that I need to stay on top of for my job.


One of the biggest trend I couldn’t help but notice was RED. It just happened so, that some of the favorites of the street style photographers decided to wear head-to-toe red and it worked just perfectly and it makes you wanna try it yourself. I wouldn’t say that red is a new black because red is being RED- bold, attractive and intriguing.


All this trend tells me is to keep it bold!

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