Weekend in Venice

This summer has been one of the busiest for me but while I got to do a lot of work, I also got the chance to experience unforgettable places!
Last weekend I decided to treat myself and use well-deserved weekend for gelato and gondolas! I traveled several hours by bus and even before the arrival I got blown away by the beauty of Italian sea cost and vineyards. As the mood was set I entered one of the most special places I have ever seen! From the moment I stepped out to the city I was speechless. the shock turned into a confusion as I decided to take pictures… I couldn’t figure what to shoot because every corner and every detail in Venice seemed worth photographing.

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Venice gondola


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Piazza San Marco



I stayed in a hotel Rialto, which I can certainly recommend for the best location, best view, delicious breakfast and friendliest staff. (If you follow my Instagram you probably know it from my stories).87D4B147-C211-4275-B056-0E84B8ECDAD254E99FA5-72D9-43BE-89FB-1B14F6BD2B7B


The floating city has different psychology of getting from one place to another and (I don’t know how locals feel about it but) for the couple of days I spent it was refreshing and fun. The total trip turned out to be refreshing… and I was lucky enough that my Georgian friends were also there that weekend!629BAD52-AE7B-45A4-A064-C4023E4BBD73 copy

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Venice Grand canal


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Before I left for Venice I was told that a day or two is enough to explore this city but by the end of the trip I felt like I could keep exploring and there’s much more to see here. So I didn’t say goodbye… I’m just looking forward for the next time.


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