Little Tuxedo Dress

black dress2 copyThey say, dressing well is a form of good manners. I totally agree and add that it has nothing to do with following the latest fashion trends and wearing expensive clothes. Dressing well means showing respect towards the event, gathering or certain people that put an effort in organizing the evening.

For some, dressing for special evening can be more intimidating than for others. It’s been decades since the solution of this problem is called “ A Little Black Dress” and nothing has beaten it, yet. Little black dresses are different and the most fun part is finding the perfect one for yourself.

I have been loving the tuxedo dress trend for a while now. I see it as a perfect way of showing your feminine elegance through sharply masculine details. With the flattering V-neck this kind of black dress doesn’t require much of a styling. On the contrary, simple and minimalist accessories bring up the best of the dress.


blackdress4black dressAs simple as that! You can get dressed last minute (as it frequently happens) and not worry about being overdressed or underdressed with perfect fitted tuxedo dress!


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