Black and Spring Situation

So here is the story (behind this formal outfit):
I bought these heels online on a cold winter day, hoping that one day the sun would warm the air and I would bare my feet with a little velvet coverage. Then they spent months in my closet…
When the big day arrived I was trying on a blouse by Twist X Turn, the brand I discovered in London. I decided that this classy print with cool shape and statement sleeves would work perfectly with those shoes I’ve never worn before! So I called Ika and we went to shoot.
Initially, the outfit had no glasses. But somehow, these pink shades always find their way to make it in this and many other outfits lately because… why not?! I’m obsessed with them!


So here is how it all worked out together. I figured it was worth posting and hope you feel the same way!

Blouse – Twist X Turn (here)
Pink Shades – Urban Outfitters ( Only yellow left here and similar here)
Shoes – Missguided (similar here)
Pants tailored (Similar here and here)

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