Sopo Papiashvili- Photographer To Watch

sopo1I met Sopo back in my MORE is LOVE days. This beautiful, modest young girl from Moscow quickly confessed about her passion for photography. She showed me her images on Instagram and made me love them! Later that day I showed her photos to my friends and we couldn’t get enough of them.

Just several months later Sopo is back in Tbilisi again and this time she is sharing her photography through an exhibition hosted by DOTS – the space that has become home for young Georgian creatives of art and fashion. The exhibition showcases black and white portraits of beautiful women. Sopo captured the real emotion and natural beauty of these women.

The exhibition is dedicated to the conclusion of this particular artistic vision and stepping into the new stage. It is visited by Georgian socialites and foreign guests.


sopo papiashvili portraits



sopo papiashvili exhibition guests
Anka Tsitsishvili at the exhibition opening
Miss Georgia 2016 Nuka Karalashvili at the opening

You can also visit the exhibition every day till January 20. I’ll be looking forward for the comments and opinion of each of you!

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