Daily Skin Care Routine

beauty-coverI am the kind of a person who values good skin way more than any product that can hide blemishes and certain imperfections. Not only because it’s a healthier choice but also because I’m too lazy to wear makeup on daily bases, every single morning.

I’ve been lucky enough not to have a problematic skin. Of course, certain periods are not that good but it can be handled! Skin is a good way to control our healthy diet as it practically reflects everything to the place you can’t avoid! Other than healthy diet, it’s important to look for the right treatment for different problems. However, today it’s all about my essentials. Despite of the weather, season or any temporary treatments, I pretty much go through this routine every single day.

It was nearly 2 years ago when I first tried these Clinique products. Living in Prague, my flat-mate started using them and gave me a try. I loved the way my skin felt from the very first use so I started using this 3-step products very religiously. Also, on my personal experience I discovered that how religiously you do your skincare routine is just as important as what you use and how.

Step 1

Start with washing your face with Liquid Facial Soap. Usually I like to use a small sponge for better effect but when I have breakouts or any irritations I just use my figures for softer treatment.clinique1

Step 2

After washing I apply the Clarifying Lotion with cotton pads. I love this process because you instantly feel the freshness on your face. However, it is important to get the lotion that fits your skin type. The number 2 on this bottle fits my (dry combination) skin but if you are not sure every consultant in your local store can help you peek the right number for your skin-type so make sure before buying!clinique2

Step 3

The 3rd and very important step is moisturizing. Just like most of us my T-zone has been more oily and I’ve been trying to use products that would dry this area but than a cosmetologist told me that the more I try to dry this zone out- the more oil my organism products to react to the stress caused by dehydration. So, I learned that, even with the oily areas it’s our job to provide enough moisture to stop it from stress-reaction. For the best effect don’t rub it around but just gently tap it in. 3stepslotion

Even though it’s not part of my daily skincare routine I love to treat myself with a nice mask. When I do it at home my go-to masks are usually the clay ones. I’ve been buying them in a drug store in Prague for quite a while and always felt the result. On my last trip to Europe (just because we don’t have Sephora in Georgia) I got several Sephora Sheet Masks and right now I only have one left and it’s been good for me. They come in different colors but green and pink have been the best for my skin so give it a trysephora-mask

I will surely continue on sharing more of the Beauty but meanwhile, treat yourself and don’t forget to moisturize!